Ishq Gumshuda – yet another Pakistani drama on Zee Zindagi TV with high quality content. Know the story, the USP and hear the title track of Ishq Gumshuda!

Zee Zindagi from the very first day of its inaugural has been giving us Pakistani dramas, that are high on content, plots that revolves around real life situations and characters that have substance as well as depth. Moreover, the best part of all these dramas are, they are short and sweet. One such drama besides Zindagi Gulzar Hai is Ishq Gumshuda which was aired last month on the channel.

ishq gumshuda pakistani drama zee zindagi tv Rewinding The Pakistani Drama Ishq Gumshuda on Zee Zindagi

The Plot

Written by Noor-ul Huda Shah and directed by Hassaim Hussein, Ishq Gumshuda or Lost Love is a drama that revolves around three childhood friends – Alizeh (Sarwat Gilani), Ali (Hamayun Saeed) and Neha (Aamina Sharif) who are as different as chalk and cheese. Ali is the serious guy who values friendship and career, Neha is the typical good girl who acts sensible all the time and contrary to her, is the stellar of the show a carefree, rebel and firebrand Alizeh.

The three friends are bonded together as extended families. All throughout the years both Ali and Alizeh’s parents assume that Ali and Alizeh are made for each other, and that they would eventually marry each other. However, when Ali’s mom expresses her kwahish of seeing Alizeh as her bahu, Alizeh is not only angry but even refuses to talk to Ali on this matter. She is highly irked by the fact that people misunderstood her friendship. Ali on the other hand his embarrased by Alizeh’s reaction. He confesses or rather amends in front of Alizeh that he loves Neha.

alizeh ishq gumshuda zee zindagi Rewinding The Pakistani Drama Ishq Gumshuda on Zee Zindagi

Neha initially is hesitant but then agrees to marry Ali. Alizeh is not just excited but very happy that her two best friends are getting married. However, soon she realizes her love for Ali, as she gets jealous when the married couple start living their own life which doesn’t include her. Her misery makes her weird, which concerns Ali. Ali’s this concern hampers his married life with Neha.

Meanwhile, Alizeh starts hanging out with an older man Farookh (Javed Sheikh), and even falls in love with him. Farookh is the same man her mother once loved. At the end she is completely a changed Alizeh who ultimately falls in love, but fails to conquer it.

What Is The USP Of Ishq Gumshuda?

The Real Situation and the real relationships. Everything showed in the drama is real – Then whether it is the rebel nature of a carefree girl like Alizeh or a habit of hiding her feelings inside, like an introvert Neha or a guy who is in conflict with the women in his life.

The spectacular performance by the actors who give imitable strength to the character – You feel Ali’s pain and anger, you want to cry when Alizeh is in her personal turmoil, and at the same time you don’t want Neha to be taken for granted.

Even the supporting cast is fab when it comes to acting. Javed Sheikh as Farukh, Samina Peerzada as Alizeh’s mother along with Asif Raza Mir, Shamim Hilali and Hina Bayat. They actually enhance the drama by their exception performances.

And finally, the song O Riye Piya….Mera Ishq Gumshuda….

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