What one needs to consider while reading about the Doniger controversy is that the beauty of the human mind and of cultural texts is the space it allows for the imagination to interpret it whichever way it wants.

The more I read about the Wendy Doniger case, the more I get confused. Is there any threshold at which ignorance comes to an end? As of now, I don’t think so. But then I must remind myself I have not read much till date, and still have to explore new areas which I have not yet tread upon.

429px Wendy Doniger Shimer College 2012 Rewriting Ancient Scriptures: Readers Voice

Wendy Doniger – author of the book The Hindus – An Alternative History

I am talking about the religious Indian scriptures. I have read many of them; still I remain perplexed. After every book I finish, somehow I find a new meaning of the circumstances and events that happened. Again and again these great books written by some of finest thinkers led me to think how the unique yet so different, the human mind is. We can think of a subject, an event, time and space in numerous and infinite ways. There is no excitement in the objectivity and it is subjectivity which adds colors and imagination to the event; which weaves the thought and emotions of the writer into something spectacular. The reader which read these texts, himself reaches to a different conclusion than with which the writer may have not started the script and ended it. Here I am talking about religious scriptures like Ramayana and Mahabharata. These ageless scriptures written by sages and re-written by the following generations are yet to remain firm and duly adopted by the younger generation which again, experimenting with them, gives them a new meaning so as to satisfy the curiosity of the new generation. But everyone has to remember language can sometime changes the essence and as long there is devotion and reverence there will not be any questioning behind the intention.

Every ancient text which is explored again and again can be placed in the category of living one. It is also readily accepted by those who want to compare the events and its effects in the contemporary terms. One should not think deep about the words and language used by different thinkers and authors. However, the philosophy should be digested deep down. Every one wants to convey the same meaning which is the revolution against adharma so as to establish dharma. Stories may be different, characters may change but the essence remains as it is which can only be absorbed when the lens remains unbiased and devoted. As we all know knowledge is not as important as imagination because knowledge varies as from time and space but imagination gives wings to ideas; ideas which can neither be proved not expressed scientifically. It is the intangible force which works as a thread between the divine and its scripture i.e. Human. Having this intention, someday you can also explore the uncharted territory in your way; in a different way yet without any controversy.

By Hitesh Singh Pundir

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