Politicians all over the world seem to be forgetting that right to food is controlled by something higher than them and their governments- it is gifted to us by the Creator Himself.

Right To Food shall be the policy of the future governments all over the world. Our vote is only for the PM candidate who knows how to manage, distribute food, fruits, vegetables, and sustain water and air in the pristine manner God had created and delivered for man on earth. Food is life itself. Is it not the life force from the Creator that embraces the atmosphere which in turn keeps creating air, water, greens, scenery, liveliness all around, the gardens of flowers and fruits, the springs, fountains, falls, and rivers; the rains, drizzles and torrents; and the light and the warmth; and the day and the night? And to receive the man as an honored guest in this world?

Food Security1 Right to Food: Readers Voice

Where did these donkeys eating paper money and the wretched finance ministry come from to regularize the food, water, fruits and vegetables i.e., to regularize the life force? Man is not a slave to politicians acting like gods themselves around the world making policies against man and then policing over the man to make them submit and surrender to the them. Thus, they have incurred the wrath of the nature and we see the nature’s fury beating the man and eliminating him en block, from time to time, from the surface of the earth.

When the life force of the nature instead of enlivening you, turns against you because of our antagonism against the God endowed nature, do you think your money power would feed you and protect you during famine and floods; and tsunamis and earthquakes? All these natural catastrophes and worse await us if we do not distribute plentifully His foods, fruits, vegetables and gardens and water.

By DR Fazl

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