The Caste System in fact,effectively prevents low castes into areas where big money floats!That, indirectly make India a loser in Olympics.

‘Olympics’ is the final testing ground for ‘real merit’ in sports No favouritism,nepotism,colour,caste or creed gives you any special edge.’Pure merit’ is all that counts.This is where Indians are affected.India does not know ‘Pure Merit’.They are controlled by the Caste System which gives differential ‘merit’ to each,according to his caste.

olympics rio reuters Rio Olympics:Reasons For Indias Pathetic Performance

“Merit” according to Caste System means………..

Caste System has no place for’ merit’ for all ,as ‘merit’ is inherently attributed and reserved only to Brahmins who constitute just 5% of the society .That makes 95% of Indians ‘merit less’.By continuous propaganda ,people are made to believe that other castes do not or cannot have ‘merit’ what ever they achieve.They simply cannot have it!That’s it! This propaganda is so powerful ,even the target group themselves are made to believe that they have no brains !

caste system india Rio Olympics:Reasons For Indias Pathetic Performance

What happens if some’ news ‘going against this propaganda leaks out ? Ramar Pillai, a Dalit village scientist from Tamil Nadu,invented a method of extracting petrol from herbs. Even though he proved the process before scientists of IIT Madras, the entire Indian intellectuals mocked at him and humiliated him on grounds of his low caste.Later the same process has got approved and commercialised but not credited to him! Similarly while selecting sports persons ,low caste people are ignored even if they are excellent performers.Fishermen are excellent swimmers and rowers and tribals are born archers but never selected for swimming/archery contests of national or international levels.Instead they select a weak upper caste man,as the prize money is high and no low-caste man deserves it!

CS Sure Breeds Inferiority Complex

At the cost of repetition,let me tell that the caste system is a vertical arrangement of various castes. Every caste feels superior to the castes which are placed below them and inferior to the castes which are placed above them So none of the castes except the highest that is ,Brahmins feel ‘adequate and full’. The lowest in the ladder, that is the Dalits feels the most crushed and rejected by every body .They are made to feel that they are zero in the system.Overall,every caste suffer from a strong feeling of ‘inferiority complex’s that is an essential part of CS mindset. Compare this position with the poor in Africa. Even the darkest Africans or Afro-Americans always feel proud about themselves.With ‘inferiority complex’ ruling our minds,how do we compete with foreigners?

Caste Spirit Versus Olympic Spirit

The motto of Olympics is is made up of three Latin words : “Citius – Altius – Fortius”. These words mean Faster – Higher – Stronger. Reaching new levels is the objective and it is a value towards excellence. As against this Olympic objective,the only objective of the Caste System is ‘Put down,Suppress,Hate’ the ‘lower castes. So the CS can never form a ‘team’ with the muscular ‘lower castes’ to win other nations.The ‘upper castes ‘would rather make ‘other nations’ win than our ‘lower castes’ win!This ‘spirit’ kills the ‘team spirit’ that is needed for our Indian players to win in Olympics.

When Dalit Baskaran won a Gold for India in 1980 Olympics in Hockey,many in India were quite unhappy !Not happy that India won but ‘unhappy’that a Dalit contributed for it !No one gave him a reception when he returned with a Gold Medal for India!Yes,Indians do not want ‘other castes’ to win!Then how do we compete?

india underperformance rio Rio Olympics:Reasons For Indias Pathetic Performance

India Talks’Merit’ Only To Put Down Other Indians!

The moment one feeble voice from the oppressed sections of India ,is heard demanding affirmative action in private sector,all the so called intelligentsia , raise a hue and cry of pushing ‘merit’ to the back seat!But the Indian media never talks about our poor ‘merit’ when it comes to Olympics. Let us compare India’s ‘merit’ vis-à-vis other countries in Olympics.

“In spite of being the 2nd most populous country in the world, India is not able to produce quality players and our nation’s performance in Olympics is always poor. Don’t you think that winning medals in Olympics or in any other competition should be a national priority? Winning medals definitely add to the value and improves the image of India at global level.

India has been taking part in Olympics since 1990 but won just 22 medals. On the other hand the US has won 37 medals in just one Olympics and more than 2500 since 1990. What a huge difference! This win of India makes just 1 medal per 383 million Indians.India is at 55th place in the list of winning the medals. Even the countries like Kenya and North Korea perform better than India. China on the other hand is the most populous country in the world and still manages to win medals in Olympics because its population is well-educated, lives a high quality life, and effectively participate in games.

shobhaa de tweet Rio Olympics:Reasons For Indias Pathetic Performance

In 2012 Summer Olympics, 83 Indian players participated in the games and won six medals. Since beginning hockey had been the main game of India in Olympics, but with time its glory also started to fade. India won 11 medals in hockey between 1928 and 1980. After this Indian hockey team never won any medal. In 2008 Abhinav Bindra won the first ever individual gold medal at Summer Olympics in an air rifle event.

Though India has one of the finest Cricket and Hockey teams in the world but winning Olympics medals seems such a daunting task for our nation. To improve this we have to work towards the quality of life and develop more interest in sport”(Blog by Ramandeep Kaur)

Now where is the ‘merit’ of Indians here? You have no ‘reservation policy ‘operating here to blame any body for the debacle! All are ‘brainy Indians’ only.There is nothing preventing your ‘merit’ to fully show up without any barriers!Then why such poor show?

The real reason for poor show is that upper castes prevent the real potential performers from entering the arena.Lower castes are the real sportsmen and the men with the muscle but they are denied opportunities to participate.If you want a participant for swimming or a rowing contest,select from ‘fisher men community’ who are born in waters,live in waters and die in waters!If you want a winning archer/sharp shooter ,select from tribes who are born archers and can kill a bird blindly in dark!What’s the point of selecting a frail vegan for the swimming contest just because he is influential and related to so and so?Why can’t you take the martial castes like Thevars for boxing contests?This is the kind of injustice done to the deserving sports men just because they are from lower castes .The Caste System in fact,effectively prevents low castes into areas where big money floats!That, indirectly make India a loser in Olympics.


fishermen Rio Olympics:Reasons For Indias Pathetic Performance

By Alvaro Hans

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