Unfortunately, the media never buzz with the news worth broadcasting but beef-ban, Kanhaiya Kumar and such-likes hit across every damn newspapers.

Why there is no Hue and Cry over the death of NIA Officer Tanzil Ahmed? He is the Man who literally wiped out Indian Mujhaideen Module in Uttar Pradesh. He is the man who was after the ISIS sympathizers and their stooges in UP. His body was riddled with 24 bullets.

tanzil ahmed shot dead RIP NIA Officer Tanzil Ahmedji

Owaisi won’t cry for him, Umar Khalid won’t talk about him, AK will be quiet . But we will. We need the Killer’s of Tanzil Ahmed Ji to meet the same fate.

tanjeel ahmed RIP NIA Officer Tanzil Ahmedji

Gone but not Forgotten!!  remember NIA Officer Tanzil Ahmed Ji who gave up his life for this nation fighting Jihadi Forces.

RIP Tanzil Ahmedji

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