The large number of army boys these days easily turn rowdy and they vent their anger on whatever is easily available. Recruitment needs to better.

Recently there was a highly disturbing news that some youths returning from army recruitment camp misbehaved with passengers and also damaged railway property. This type of hooliganism is reported after every recruitment of the army.

pak army2 Rising Hooliganism In The Indian Army

The reason behind this is that mostly unemployed candidates reach the recruitment center from distant places with great hope of selection. They have spent much time and money to prepare themselves for the new job. But when they fail to make the grade, their hopes and dreams are shattered. They become disappointed and frustrated. The hooliganism is the result of this frustration. The large number of these boys easily turns into a rowdy crowed and they vent their anger on whatever is easily available. It may be general public or public property.

My suggestion to overcome this problem is that instead of calling such large number of candidates to one recruitment center, army should conduct the event at Block level so that there will be less number of candidates. This will also save the time and money spent by them in reaching the center. The participants will return to their homes same day and there will be no possibility of large gathering.

pakistani army terrorism Rising Hooliganism In The Indian Army

The army authorities should not declare the result on the spot. They should send call letters to successful candidates for further formalities. The expenses incurred on sending call letters will be far less compared to the value of public property which is  damaged by these boys.

When these candidates come to the recruitment center in large numbers no lodging and boarding arrangements are made for them. They spend the night on foot paths and other places. They per force use any open space for relieving calls of nature. This will be taken care of automatically if the basic recruitment  formality is conducted at Block level within easy reach of candidates.

By Narendra Vasal

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