Are you serious Mr. Vadra, A common journalist doesn’t have the right to ask you questions on your shady land deals? Damaadji ko gussa aa gaya!

The Son-in-Law of Sonia Gandhi, Mr. Robert Vadra has revealed the contemptuous side of his personality when a journalist asked him a question on his controversial land deals. It is not that he hasn’t been arrogant before, but it is for the first time the national media could see him in an amusingly arrogant act (shoving and punching the mic and repeating ‘are you serious?’ again and again).

robert vadra Funny Picture Mr. Vadra   Are You Serious?

War of Words With IAC

In the past his comments on social networking sites have hinted at his insolent nature. In one such comment in Facebook he mocks the Aam Aadmi Party, which alleges him of corruption, saying “Mango People in a Banana Republic. Ofcourse Vadra ji, you are almost right! If your family had continued running this country a little longer then we wouldn’t have been very away from becoming a Banana republic.

Amul Robert Vadra Mr. Vadra   Are You Serious?

Robert Vadra Are You Serious IAC Mr. Vadra   Are You Serious?

Rich men with connections to strong political dynasty think they are the elites and act like Kings in a democracy. Using political influence for economic favors seems to be a ‘royal’ tradition in India. Vadra got a loan of 65 crores from DLF and he used this money to buy DLF properties at astonishingly cheap rates. What kind of business acumen will vouch for such a deal? What has DLF achieved from it? It is very likely that DLF might have got some political favors for their gracious act.

The Allegations on Robert Vadra

India Against Corruption (IAC) while accusing Vadra mentioned, ‘In the last 4 years, Robert Vadra has gone on a property buying binge and has purchased at least 31 properties mostly in and around New Delhi, which even at the time of their purchase were worth several hundred crores. An analysis of the balance sheets and audit reports of five companies set up by him (and owned exclusively by him and his mother) on or after November 1, 2007, show that the total share capital of these companies was just Rs 50 lakh and these companies together had no income from any legitimate business activity (except by way of interest derived from interest free loans obtained from DLF)’.

vadra dlf scam Mr. Vadra   Are You Serious?

 Mr. Vadra   Are You Serious?

No wonder he could build a 300 crore business empire with 50 lakh capital in three years without any legitimate business activity. And when he was accused of using undue political favors for getting interest free loans, the entire Congress Party came out in his defense. Marrying into a political dynasty has its own perks it seems.

Daamaadji Ko Gussa Kyu Aata Hai?

When such men are cornered they can only react with rude outbursts. When the journalist asked him about the land deals, he could have just said ‘no comments’, but the ‘daamaadji’ is not used to being questioned in such way by a ‘commoner’ journalist. He gets furious and talks in a insolent manner. Such outburst can only signify frustration. Suddenly, with the oust of congress at the centre and in Haryana, the prospect of fooling the ‘mango’ people and earning magical money using the wand of the ‘political connections’ seems difficult.

robert vadra in vvip list Mr. Vadra   Are You Serious?

Robert Vadra in VVIPS/VIPS List – Check no. 22

With the past privileges and protection gone, a simple question from a journalist seems very threatening indeed. How dare he ask such a question? Has he gone nuts? You might think, given your links to the ‘royal’ family of Indian politics.

But seriously Mr. Vadra, seriously, seriously if you think that the journalists doesn’t have the right to ask you questions on your shady land deals, then I think it is not the journalist but you who is nuts.

By: Avinandan Choudhury

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