Robert Vadra could serve the country well as the first Jan Lok Pal appointee far better than any bureaucrat

Sometimes, I think I don’t understand the internal politics of the Gandhi family and how Robert Vadra gets the short end of the stick all the time. He does not get his due credit and is un-necessarily forced to remain out of the public eye. It was my belief in fact that he could have done a far better job as the Prime Minister of our country than Manmohan Singh – We had in fact written a whole article on this (See Below)

Now we think that there is an even more suitable position – That of the country’s first Jan Lok Pal !

Robert Vadra At A Fashion Show Robert Vadra Nominated As Indias First Jan Lok Pal

Robert Vadra Busy At Work – Our First Jan Lok Pal ? Image Source: IANS

So why do I think that he will be a great Jan Lok Pal – simple ! Technology or Know-how. Indians are intrinsically very smart people – the corrupt even more so.  From black money in real estate, to under-invoicing imports and over-invoicing exports, gold smuggling, defence middleman deals, coffins the price of gold, to insider trading in the stock markets, to manipulation of financial contracts, to chit fund schemes, to Ponzi schemes , and the list goes on. Do you seriously think these can be deciphered by some poor bureaucrat on a ten thousand rupees a month salary? All these bureaucrats can do is look out for fake notes and nothing much more than that.

This is Where Vadra and his know-how comes in!

To catch a sophisticated thief you need a savvy person. Anyone seen the movie “Catch Me If You Can” – the guy who was responsible for check fraud in the United states was in fact ultimately hired to detect such fraud.  Vadra with his knowledge would be an amazing Lok Pal – he would be able to identify scams with ease (it’s all in his back pocket) and send his competitors to Jail. But why should we send all his competitors to Jail and give him a free hand. Anyone seen the Harrison Ford movie , Clear and Present Danger, where the United States government deals with the drug problem and in particular the Columbian drug-lords. They do a deal wherein they give a particular drug-lord an exclusive licence/allowance to sell drugs (albeit reduced amounts) in the United States in return for information on the other drug lords (who get caught). It’s a win-win – both for the drug-lord who rats out his competitors and for the United States government who is able to far more effectively control the drug-trade – there is just one point of contact/one source of drugs into the United States. India should give the same deal to Vadra.

As an example we should give him 2% of any defence deal that happens in the country – which the assurance from him that there will be no other middlemen, no price escalation and orderly delivery – would this not be a win-win for the country? Why defence, I propose we give him 2% of all government deals – with his personal assurance of course that he will look into the implementation of each of deals personally and ensure the rest are all honest. I think this would be a small price to pay.

And of course, as a government servant we would need to give him a suitable residence. Pranab da, I hear the hilsa fish and the ‘dab chingri’ (coconut prawns)’ in Bongo bhavan (youth hostel) is far better than what is served in the Presidential palace – perhaps we can move Vadra to the Presidential palace and Pranab da to Bongo-bhavan in Delhi ? Anyways the rumour is that the Rashtrapati Bhavan has been sold to DLF by Vadra – for luxury condominiums (can you imagine the huge property tax and stamp duty from these apartments – it would reduce India’s fiscal deficit) – Let Vadra oversee that project while at the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Guys seriously, who are all these Fali Nariman’s etc, they are all the has-beens. They don’t have the know-how – how can they even attempt to select the Jan Lok Pal – they would end up selecting the likes of Medha Patkar as the country’s Jan Lok Pal. Now I have nothing against Medha Patkar, but I think she is far better suited for the Chipko (tree-hugging) movement than as the Jan Lok Pal – what would she know about complex Chit-fund scams – for this job there is only one man that comes to my mind – Vadra

Will my suggestion be heard ? – I promise to tweet it to many.I nominate Robert Vadra as India’s first Lok Pal.

By Indrajit Chatterjee

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