Robert Vadra is at the very least an accomplice

The latest on Robert Vadra Gandhi(?)

robert vadra gym Robert Vadra Latest News (sic)   Are You Serious ?

The Anthony Weiner Of Indian Politics ?

First The Parody

And Then The Confession

An interview from last year – but first I saw of it. Some points are obvious (reading in-between the lines)

  1. His Family Was In The Handicrafts Business ( a very low margin business )  – So therefore his wealth is primarily due to and after his marriage to Priyanka Gandhi
  2. He says he wishes to protect his family(his own parents) by taking out a newspaper advertisement against them  (is he psychotic ??)
  3. He has clear political ambitions for himself and his next generation – He claims he is in “business” currently and how he enjoys it so much and will wait to join politics (smacks of arrogance)
  4. He clearly admits that his wealth was made by joint collaboration with people he met – after marriage to Priyanka Gandhi – as clearly a handicrafts businessman would likely not know the likes of the DLF promoters. What the interviewer does not ask him is that why would the likes of DLF do business with him (a person of little means at that time) – clearly DLF / Hooda wanted to further their own interests (for his connection to the first family) – this is where the illegality / the scam comes in. This is what makes Robert Vadra , at the very least an accomplice , a tacit participant in the various land scams/ CLU (conversion of land usage) scams in Haryana.

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