Every now and then when the country beckons us we do form a view – We want to see Mr Robert Vadra as Prime Minister !!

It is not true that IndiaOpines does not have its own views and that it only encourages others to publish their personal views. Every now and then when the country beckons us we do form a view – a very strong one indeed in this case – We want to see Mr Robert Vadra as Prime Minister !!

In all this politicking , we have ignored the most important candidate , the best potential Prime Ministerial candidate for the mango-people. What are my reasons , I would say three very important ones.

Self-made Man

All these accusations about him being a made-through marriage is all bunkuss – nothing to substantiate any such rumour. And Ashok Khemka is just a cry-baby , a man wanting to be in Vadra’s shoes. What rot that Vadra’s files moved very fast throughout the system – what sort of justification is that ? That normally speaking the bureaucracy moves slowly ? In Vadra’s case bureaucracy moved in the right pace and we are faulting him for that. Only in India can someone be called corrupt if things happen at the right pace !

Wealth Creator

He single handed-ly converted his wealth of around 50 lakhs or so to over a few thousand crores. Every time I pass by Chittaranjan Park , I see acres of empty space – owned by Skylight (his firm). The other day i was looking at a BPTP development – the broker said – yaha pe to Vadra ka paisa laga hai. So much so that during my last visit to Agra I was told that Vadra is negotiating to take a stake in the Taj Mahal. If his kind of entrepreneurial sprit were to effect even a hundred more in India – India would be a far better place and a developed country.

Do you remember the transaction that Khemka (like a dimwit) keeps taking about – Where Vadra bought a piece of land in Haryana for (say) 7 crores. The buyer never cashed the cheque. Vadra then sold the land three years later for 4x (four times) and then the original seller cashed his cheque (four years later) – genius !!

With Vadra’s economic policies , Indian Rupee will probably become on par with the US dollar – he is an alchemist – anything he touches will turn into Gold. Do we want that or do we want a really thin person (What do you expect – he is always fasting) with a Jhaadu continuously harping on a Lokpal bill. And seriously Mr. Kejriwal, you could have gone for a Chanel or a Gucci “topi” instead.

Youth Icon

Robert Vadra At A Fashion Show Robert Vadra For Prime Minister

Robert Vadra (Our Next PM ?) With His Cabinet Ministers ?  Image Source: IANS

I much rather prefer Robert Vadra’s choice of politicians – image above. Maybe if we Indians vote appropriately , he will appoint either or both of the ladies in the picture to the Cabinet. Can you imagine the style factor ! Instead of Pratibha Patil in a Pallu, we will have a bevy of fashionista’s represent us – would that not be far better. Also Rahul Gandhi calls himself a Youth Icon – But I dont see any “youthful activities” in him so far (the less said about Modi the better) – Vadra on the other hand – the picture is worth a thousand words. Wow – can these ladies be a part of the future Cabinet of India – we can only hope and pray. The most popular TV channel will become the Lok Sabha channel (goodbye Bigg Boss, and too bad Ekta Kapoor). Instead of watching geriatrics burp ( as we do currently ), we could instead watch ramp beauties in the Lok Sabha TV channel. Would you not want that? We the mango-people would love that for sure.

Anyways , I hope you are convinced. I know we now have a NOTA button (None of the Above) – I would petition the election commission to add one more button – IWV – “I want Vadra”


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