The dubious land deal between Robert Vardra and DLF has been ratified by the Haryana government; yet another example of the Congress’ culture of sycophancy

Robert Vadra The Congress Culture of Sycophancy Continues for Robert Vadra

  1. Robert Vadra is very much a part of the Nehru/Gandhi clan in all respects, including receiving special security, special favours from government agencies and authorities. He has become extremely rich in an extremely short period of time, without much to show for his own business acumen or entrepreneurship. When he is accused of something, the Congress party falls over itself to come out in his support; when political favour is to be granted, it is granted lightning quick.
  2. The fact that Vadra is accorded special security, not frisked at airports and generally treated as a VVIP wherever he goes is because he married into a particular family and not because of any personal achievements of his. These privileges are accorded to him routinely by fawning individuals looking to curry favour from the party high command.
  3. Robert Vadra’s history of land grabs has been of a piece with the historical patterns seen in the land grabbing behavior of his family by marriage. Getting special and preferential treatment is nothing new for the family and neither is it for Vadra.
  4. BpNtgqhCUAAPDKL.jpg large The Congress Culture of Sycophancy Continues for Robert VadraThe culture of sycophancy that has always existed in the Congress has now faithfully extended to encompass the damaad as well – yes-men fall over themselves to absolve the family of any misdemeanors, ratify shady dealings and fall in line with preferential treatment meted out.
  5. The latest example of this culture of sycophancy is the ratification of the land deal between Robert Vardra and DLF by the Haryana government. The controversial land deal between Skylight Hospitality and DLF had been cancelled by Ashok Khemka, the state’s former director general, consolidation, because of irregularities, but this has now been Okayed by the authorities. (Source – India Today)
  6. The Haryana government’s decision to ratify the land deal has not gone unnoticed however. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked the Election Commission to take “serious note” of this decision in view of the fact that Haryana elections are on the anvil and in that sense this is an action taken during the election process. “I think pressure was put on Hooda from the top (Congress leadership) to take such a decision…” Mr. Modi was quoted as having said (Source – Indian Express)
  7. In another example of the culture of sycophancy that is rife within the Congress, Congress general secretary Shakeel Ahmed stated that the Prime Minster had displayed his “ignorance” by virtue of the statement. According to Mr. Ahmed, the decision overruling Khemka’s cancellation of the land deal was taken on or before July 16; a time when the model code of conduct was not in force and therefore not subject to EC rules and regulations. (Source – Indian Express)
  8. The Chief Minister of Haryana Bhupinder Singh Hooda has distanced himself from the land deals but asserted that no government land has been used. He even offered to leave his post (as CM) if any such allegations were proved against him and his government. (Source – DNA)

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