Check out interesting details about Rohit Nag and Aishwarya Sakhuja, one of the top contenders of Nach Baliye 7

Aishwarya Sakhuja and Rohit Nag is one of the best couples of Nach Baliye 7. Bubbly and cute, the duo not only makes a perfect couple, but also has the potential to entertain the crowd with their own antics and frolics. Their first dance performance on a Govinda song made them stand out from the crowd, and this unique dhamaal is going to make the couple one of the top contenders of the show.

aishwarya sakhuja rohit nag couple Rohit Nag and Aishwarya Sakhuja: 5 Things You Need To Know

Here we share 5 interesting things about the couple which was revealed by the couple themselves

Aishwarya Married Rohit Nag on 5th December 2014

Actress Aishwarya Sakhuja married her longtime producer boyfriend on December 5th 2014. The wedding took place in Delhi. Since, Aishwarya always preferred a wedding winter in Delhi, she along with Rohit decided the date and the venue in accordance with the Pandit. The two families agreed to what the couple had decided.

Married Couple aishwarya sakhuja rohit nag Rohit Nag and Aishwarya Sakhuja: 5 Things You Need To Know

Rohit Nag First Saw Aishwarya in a Newspaper Ad

Rohit saw Aishwarya in a newspaper ad. Within two to three days, he saw her in real when he attended the Miss India finalist’s party. Aishwarya Sakhuja was the finalist of Femina Miss India 2006. He had a huge crush on her and fell in love instantly. Aishwarya had no clue about Rohit’s feelings at all.

Rohit nag Aishwarya Sakhuja Rohit Nag and Aishwarya Sakhuja: 5 Things You Need To Know

The duo first came face to face with each other when Rohit was auditioning girls for a comedy show on Star One. During this time, Rohit was madly in love with Aishwarya, however, for Aishwarya, he was just another guy. A guy who handed her the script of her role, nothing more.

Karan Wahi Became the Matchmaker

Karan Wahi is known for his matchmaking skills. He became cupid to Ritwik and Asha, and he again turned a matchmaker to Rohit Nag and Aishwarya Sakhuja. Karan who was friends with both Rohit and Aishwarya was constantly nagged by Rohit to do his setting with Aishwarya whom he loved so dearly. Karan Wahi then introduced Rohit to Aishwarya, and soon Aishwarya and Rohit became very good friends.

karan wahi rohit nag Rohit Nag and Aishwarya Sakhuja: 5 Things You Need To Know


Best Friends Turned Lovers, Aishwarya Realized Rohit Is the Perfect for her

Rohit might not be that tall and handsome guy, but when Aishwarya started spending more and more time with Aishwarya, she realized how happy she is in his company. His sense of humour attracted her the most towards him. This is how even Aishwarya fell in love with Rohit Nag and the two married after a long courtship.

rohit nag aishwarya sakhuja relationship Rohit Nag and Aishwarya Sakhuja: 5 Things You Need To Know

The Ring with Which Rohit Proposed Aishwarya was Blessed By his Mom

Rohit proposed Aishwarya with a ring. This ring was blessed by Rohit’s mother. Yes, the moment Rohit’s mother got to know that Rohit is going to propose Aishwarya with a ring. She immediately did a pooja around the ring, and then asked Rohit to move ahead with his proposal. Hmm, Aishwarya is lucky it seems who has such a doting mother-in-law.

aishwarya sakhuja rohit nag love story Rohit Nag and Aishwarya Sakhuja: 5 Things You Need To Know

A fairy tale cum true love story, Rohit Nag and Aishwarya Sakhuja’s story is what we all dream! We wish the couple all the very best for Nach Baliye and all other future prospects…

By: Deepti Verma

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