Romi Bhalla is in the Bhalla house, but will he stay back?

There are hardly any days left to impress Ruhi and so almost all the members of the two families are trying their best to ensure that Ruhi stay aback with the family. Interestingly, Mrs. Bhalla and Mrs. Iyer have also mended their ways.

The Iyers and Bhallas Have Vowed to Remain United

The Judge threatened to take away Ruhi from the Bhalla house post seeing the chaos in the house. However, Shravan handled the situation by narrating the incident to the Judge. In addition, the two ladies – Mrs. Iyer and Mrs. Bhalla promised the Judge that they won’t ever fight. While, Mrs. Bhalla promised that she too would behave like the Iyers, Mrs Iyer assured that she won’t criticize the Bhallas or call then uncultured, loud or noisy.

yeh hai mohabbatein iyer bhalla Will Romi Bhalla Stay Back in the Bhalla House?

Mrs. Iyer Even Help Santoshi in Preparing Chicken

Both the families are ready to do anything to impress Ruhi. In order to make her feel at home, the families have set aside their difference. This is the reason why Mrs. Iyer even helped Santoshi in preparing Chicken and we all know how difficult it is for her. Ishita brings Ruhi to witness the change in the house. However, Ruhi is not at all impressed. Instead, she talks about some loose ends in the family. This confuses Ishita.

mrs bhalla iyer Will Romi Bhalla Stay Back in the Bhalla House?

Is the Loose End – Romi Bhalla?

Ishita is clueless about the loose end Ruhi is talking about. She wonders the same and shares her doubt with Adi. Next, Mihika comes and tells that the loose end Ruhi is talking about is none other than Romi Bhalla, her husband. Though it is just an assumption, Ishita and Adi thinks Mihika is right. Ishita then asks Mihika’s help to convince Romi to come back to the Bhalla house and fill the gap even if it is only for the sake of Ruhi.

yeh hai mohabbatein romi bhalla Will Romi Bhalla Stay Back in the Bhalla House?

Will Romi Bhalla Stay Back Again?

Romi Bhalla was not so keen to return to the house from where he was thrown out. He is being stubborn but somehow Ishita along with MIhika and Adi managed to bring him back by convincing Raman to ask sorry. Though Raman couldn’t say sorry clearly, Romi agreed to come only for Ruhi. After all, he always shared a great bond with Ruhi and she is obviously more to him than his ego. So, for the sake of Ruhi, the two brothers start living under the same roof once again.

yeh hai mohabbatein Will Romi Bhalla Stay Back in the Bhalla House?

Now the question is – Will he stay back or will he move out soon? We don’t think anybody that is entering the Bhalla house will leave now – neither Ishita nor Ruhi or Romi.

Looks like Ruhi indeed is reuniting the family and everything that had once fallen apart. You never know if Ruhi becomes the reason for reuniting Ishita and Raman all over again.

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