Considering the demography & geography of the country, the RSS will try to reach out to all the 6.5 Lakh villages in India with its message of Hindutva

Considering the demography and geography of the country, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) will, in the coming years, try to reach out to all the 6.5 Lakh villages in the country with its message of Hindutva, stated its newly elected Sarkaryawah Suresh alias Bhayyaji Joshi here on Sunday.

rss bhayyaji joshi meeting nagpur RSS Plans to Reach out to 6.5 Lakh Villages in India : Bhayyaji Joshi

Addressing a crowded press conference at Dr Hedgewar Smriti Mandir premises at Reshambag on the last day of the three-day meeting of Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha (ABPS) of RSS he said that the RSS would concentrate on a three-pronged strategy to accomplish this seemingly difficult task in the coming three years.

Spelling out the possible strategy Joshi, who was elected for the third term by the 1400 strong ABPS on Saturday, underlined that the RSS would concentrate on village development, service activities and eradicating social inequality from the masses by spreading the message of equality and social harmony.

He said that the RSS has today reached over 54000 villages with its multifarious activities in the country. “This is a small number as compared to the number of villages in our country. However, ours is the only organization in the world to have reached out to these many villages”, he added proudly.

Comparing the progress of RSS since 2012 he pointed that RSS has added 10000 new shakhas and reached 5500 new villages by introducing new schemes and programs. That showed our direction was correct, he quipped. He said that new people are expressing their willingness to join RSS and on an average 3000 people per month join the RSS on the net, he added.

Along with intellectuals, the rural folks are also joining the Sangh activities in large number. When we talk of challenges before the Hindu society rising above narrow political considerations, people join us in a hope to confront these challenges successfully, he said.

Stating that the situation in the country today is most favorable for spreading the Hindutva thought and ideology as the public mood seems to be receptive to this ideology. He cited two examples to justify his observation.

The RSS had organized a program to unveil the statue of Maharana Pratap in Uttarakhand where over 70000 people of Tharu Janjati who adore and worship Rana Pratap assembled to witness that program. Similarly, at the recently held Narmada Sangam over 1.5 lakh Jannati (Tribal) people had gathered to listen to the Hindu thought.

The presence of Hindus in such large numbers is a pointer to this favorable situation”, the RSS Sarkarywah said.

He said that the RSS has distributed these 6.5 villages in 55000 mandals (zones) through which the Sangh activists would contact 10 villages to spread the message of Hindutva.

Bhaiya ji joshi rss rural india hindutva RSS Plans to Reach out to 6.5 Lakh Villages in India : Bhayyaji Joshi

He said that the Sangh swayamsevaks are active in 35 sectors of nation’s social life covering the areas of students, labor, farmers, religions, culture, women, tribal, economy etc. The representatives of these organizations too have participated in the ABPS exchanging their views and informing about their achievements in their respective fields of activity.

Responding to a question he said that these organizations have their own stated views and opinion which they have been expressing since long. The present expression of their views has nothing to do with the change of government at the Centre. The government can consider their opinions while drafting its policies, he added stating that this expression should not be viewed as ‘atttack’ on the government. These are the suggestions for the government, he added.

The ABPS has adopted two resolutions—one, underlining the importance of mother tongue as medium of instructions at the primary level, and two, congratulating the UN for declaring June 21 as International Yoga Day and appealing the people to adopt to a life style based on Yoga to lead a healthy life.

Replying to a question Joshi said that the RSS do not consider political resolutions in conventional terms. However, the economic resolution of the past reflected its necessity as a national issue and not merely a political one, he explained.

By: Virag Pachpore

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