In the intoxication of victories and power RSS shouldn’t make a mistake to underestimate and insult Muslims.

If RSS / BJP Conglomerate think that they can browbeat Muslims of India into some sort of submission by ignoring them, by destroying their remaining vestiges of financial and educational foundations, by interrupting and disturbing their social and religious dynamics, these radicals are under the spell of a reverie. The pyrrhic RSS’ victories in last few years is no guarantee that they will be able to sustain and maintain their roller coaster ride with the same perfection and efficiency. An adage goes: “A paper boat doesn’t float for very long.”

rss founder hegdekar RSS Shouldnt Make The Mistake Of Underestimating And Insulting Muslims

Their victories were all based on negativity and dream merchandise. They have nothing much in their show case to prove one concrete achievement. From ‘Love Jihad’ to ‘Qabristan and Shamsan’ the wheel has come to full circle. The sentimental and disgruntled Indian has swallowed the silly potion of ‘Demonetization’ in the name of dragging the sickly rich in the ATM lines and revenge to insult his own indigence but it is again in the sequence of ‘Sapnon ke Saudagar.’ It is failure of Congress leadership. It is conspiracy of combined opposition that had always egged on Muslim votes.

sapno ke saudagar RSS Shouldnt Make The Mistake Of Underestimating And Insulting Muslims

RSS / BJP have been defeated in Goa, Manipur and they were brutally punished in Punjab. They have actually cashed on the internecine fight of Mulayam clan. The general voter of Uttar Pradesh was aghast and confused how a Chacha stabbed in the back of genuine young hard working politician that happened to be Bhatija. The senior politician and founder of new style of Samajwad seemed to be suffering from political dementia. Of  late he was seen sharing secrets with Narendra Modi in full public glare with his bemused son who was made to stand that distressing scenario.

If BJP Vicharaks think that Muslims have played their card carelessly, they are deadly mistaken. It was Congress which has not recovered after sharing the horror of Babri demolition till date; it is SP that has to bear the brunt of their inaction and complicity during the Muzaffarnagar riots.

Babri Masjid RSS Shouldnt Make The Mistake Of Underestimating And Insulting Muslims

Muslims know how to settle score with the reactionary forces in due course of time. No, they might be lying low but they are not idiots. Wait and watch.

They are poor and under-educated, they are politically less virulent also but they are not politically less smart than any of their countrymen.

Their problem is their own priests and their overdose of religion. Their leadership lacks vision at present. Ordinary Muslim is smart enough to face the adversity.

After the partition of India, the Muslim League that had represented many Muslims of that period left them high and dry. The founder of Pakistan took away with him the political and geographical landmass that remained a farrago of nonsense even 70 year after its birth.

founder of pak RSS Shouldnt Make The Mistake Of Underestimating And Insulting Muslims

What the Indian Muslims were left was ‘Jamiatul Ulema-e-Hind’, an organization of Indian Islamic Scholars who were known to be closer to Congress ideology. It was founded in 1919 by Sheikh-ul-Hind Maulana Mehmood Hasan, Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madani, Maulana Ahmed Saeed Dehlvi, Mufti Kifayatullah Dehlavi, Mufti Muhammad Naeem Ludhianvi, Maulana Hifzur Rehman Seoharvi and Maulana Abdul Bari Firangi Mehli. It was more a Deobandi, Sunni outfit that was opposing the formation of a separate homeland for Indian Muslims. A faction under of Jamiat had also supported Jinnah. Under the leadership of Shabbir Ahmad Usmani, they formed a breakup setup ‘Jamiatul Ulema-e-Islam’ and it remains active in Pakistan politics even today.

In the early days, ‘Jamiatul Ulema-e-Hind,’ under the brighter and dynamic leadership, had propounded the theological basis for its nationalistic philosophy. It was split in two outfits and lost much of its clout and command since then.

Jamiat Ulema e Hind RSS Shouldnt Make The Mistake Of Underestimating And Insulting Muslims

Another important Muslim Organization which does still wear the look of authority is ‘Jamaat-e-Islami Hind.’ It was officially formed in April 1948 in Allahabad, UP. It is a well managed religious and political outfit. In fact it is an offshoot of the pre-partition ‘Jamaat-e-Islami,’ which split into separate independent organizations in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. Its founding principle is that ‘Islam is a complete way of life rather than simply a set of worship practices,’ which would provide “the practical doctrine and programs that can take the place of the failed man-made creeds of the 20th century”. It has been doing groundwork for promoting education, social service, and economic development among the Muslim community. Except the absence of RSS’ armed wing of men and women and political progeny like BJP.

Jamaat-e-Islami is a mirror replica of RSS. It could also be seen involved in various humanitarian and relief efforts across many parts of India. In its present ideological AVATAR, it is “fervently campaigning to defend and strengthen secularism and democracy” in the face of advances by Hindu nationalists. It had unsuccessfully tried its spread its wings with the launch of a national political party ‘Welfare Party of India’ that included some other communities also. WPI is still in the nascent state and I do see no great future for it in any near future.

AIMMM RSS Shouldnt Make The Mistake Of Underestimating And Insulting Muslims

In my opinion the most important political development in Muslim politics after 1947 took place with the birth of ‘The All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat (AIMMM). It is an apex forum of Muslim organizations and institutions of national eminence along with some well-known personalities, It was established at a representative meeting of the community leaders held in August, 1964 at ‘Nadwatul-Ulema, Lucknow,’ It was inaugurated by Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi and chaired by Dr. Syed Mahmood. Other important figures included Mufti Atiqur Rahman, Maulana Abul Lais Islahi, Qari Mohd. Tayyab, Maulana Kalb-e-Abid, Maulana Minatullah Rahmani, Janab Mohammad Muslim, Maulana Jan Mohammad and Janab Ebrahim Sulaiman Sait, the president of All India Muslim League, a member of parliament.

This organization had begun with great hope and expectations. In due course for time it served the community in its struggle to get equitable justice and Hindu Muslim unity. It also defended the religious and legal rights of Muslims and formed the well known ‘All India Muslim Personal Law Board; “AMU Action Committee” for restoration of its minority character in 1967; in struggle for Babri Masjid by constituting “Babri Masjid Coordination Committee” and in reaching communal strife areas and extending help to the victims with its limited resources. It was a true representative of aspirations of Indian Muslims and it included all the factions of Muslim Ummah.

With the death of Dr Faridi and Shahab Uddin Saheb it seems to be no longer that vibrant but its off shoots and ideology is very much alive.

Owaisi brothers, especially the senior Owaisi – the famous MP is sincere, intelligent and hardworking. However, he is not cut-out for north Indian politics. MIM has no future in the north of India.

Asaduddin Owaisi RSS Shouldnt Make The Mistake Of Underestimating And Insulting Muslims

Let me complete this article with the solid statement that Muslim politics is very much vibrant, alive and taking all precautions that are needed in critical times to save the traditions and values of democratic India. In the intoxication of victories and power RSS shouldn’t make a mistake to underestimate and insult them. YOgi Adityanath is an aberration in Indian politics and they know that well.

By Naim Naqvi

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