RSS was founded in 1925 and its volunteers actively participated in freedom struggle and even its founder Dr. Hedgewar was jailed twice.

Leftwing intelligentsia occupied the academic in the post-independence era and there was an unspoken understanding between Congress and them to support each other. Congress was keen in retaining the power while leftists were pursuing their agenda of neo-communism to occupy the academic and cultural institutions so that eventually they can occupy the political space.

Facts and history were distorted to such an extent that entire freedom movement was dedicated t0 a few individuals who represented Congress so that a particular party can capture the electoral space forever by making a permanent place in the pages of history and simultaneously ignoring the contribution of other individuals & organisations who belong to different ideology.

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Sangh (RSS) was considered as a common enemy of this unholy alliance and all the efforts were made not only to malign the image of this organization but to omit the work done by its volunteers also. As far as communists are concerned their treacherous act ranging from supporting Muslim League’s demand of separate nation to China’s support in 1962 war is known to all of us and therefore Marxist historians tried to paint a patriotic organization like RSS in the same color by distorting the facts.

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Congress was formed in 1885 and it took 44 years to demand full independence while RSS was founded in 1925 and its volunteers actively participated in freedom struggle and even its founder Dr. Hedgewar was jailed twice. Contribution of RSS during Indo-China war is known to us because its volunteers participated in republic day parade but there are various other incidences which remained wrapped in the pages of history.

Role of Sangh in accession of Kashmir is not given adequate coverage by the academicians while for a matter of fact it must be highlighted that on specific request by Sardar Patel, Shri Guruji (the then RSS chief) flew to Srinagar on 17th October 1948 to persuade Maharaja Hari Singh and ultimately Kashmir was merged with India on 26th October. Besides this, there are three major incidences worth mentioning when volunteers of RSS shed their blood for country and lost their lives on the altar of nation.

  1. Liberation of Dadra and Nagar Haveli – Portuguese occupation continued till 1954 in these parts till the time it was liberated with by RSS, Azad Gomantak Dal and other organisations. Volunteers led by Raja Wakankar and Nana Kajrekar actively participated in liberation of Dadra and Nagar Haveli which became part of India in August 1954. Role of RSS can be understood from the fact that Nana Kajrekar became the in-charge of Silvassa (capital of Dadra and Nagar Haveli) unit after liberation.


  1. Liberation of Goa – Goa was liberated in December 1961 but it were volunteers of RSS and similar organisations who kept raising their voice against Portuguese occupation. There was a time when even our Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru denounced Satyagraha movement but it didn’t effected the enthusiasm and determination of freedom fighters. Thousands of people led by Jagganathrao Joshi entered Goa on 15th August 1955 and faced the wrath of administration which extended up to gunning down the peaceful protesters. It were the volunteers of RSS and other patriotic organisations who kept the flame lit for several years and ultimately Goa was annexed to India after military operation.

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  • Liberation of Hyderabad – Guru Golwalakar was imprisoned and organisation was banned after assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. He was released conditionally in August 1948 but ban on RSS was still not lifted. Considering both the practicality and criticality of the situation, thousands of sangh volunteers participated in the liberation movement under the banner of Arya Samaj which was also fighting against the tyrant regime of Nizam.
  • Finally Hyderabad became part of India on September 17 1948 after police action. Those who ask the evidence of Sangh’s participation forget that it was facing ban at that time due to which like-minded nationalists of RSS and Arya Samaj came together to fight for a common cause which was to save the people from atrocities of Razkars and integrate Hyderabad with India.

Even veteran communist leader E.M.S. Namboodiripad accepts the role of RSS founder in freedom struggle and leftist historian Bipin Chandra writes that neither RSS nor its volunteers ever colluded or cooperated with colonial powers. We should pray that dishonesty of historians will come to an end and they will recognize the contribution of unsung heroes, at least on a collective basis.

By: CA Shshank Saurav

Shshank Saurav is a Chartered Accountant by profession with distinguished academic career including All India Rank in CA Final and CA Inter. He also holds specialisation in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Anti Money-Laundering (AML). He started his professional career with Price Waterhouse (PwC) and currently working with an India based MNC. He is also member of Management Accounting Committee of Northern India Regional Council (regional body of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India).

Apart from professional commitments, Shshank is actively engaged in social activities through NGO and regularly writes on economic & socio-political issues. Many of his writings have been published in newspapers and magazines. He is an RTI activist also and considers himself as a nationalist with rational views.

He can be reached at or followed @shshanksaurav.

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