Ruhaan is all set to use a shrewd trick to keep Ishita away from Raman

Ruhaan is in Australia for a concert. He is not Ruhaan but Ruhi who was exchanged in a deal by Ishita so that she could get Pihu in exchange from Nidhi. Everybody thought she was dead but she is alive and with Nidhi Chabbra. Nidhi has transformed her into a singing sensation. However, nobody knows that Ruhaan is Ruhi.

Interestingly, Ruhaan finalizes Aaliya as her PA and Aaliya is the same girl who is Mani’s niece and staying with Ishita. Aaliya, in fact, calls Ishita as her Amma. Ruhaan even met Ishita when Aaliya brought Ruhaan to her house for a checkup.

ishita bhalla ruhaan Ruhaan to Distance Ishita and Raman Bhalla?

Ruhaan Hates Ishita

Ruhaan holds Ishita responsible for her miseries. She thinks it is only because of her that she is in trouble now. She hates her Ishi Maa and thinks that she abandoned her only because she was her step-daughter. This is the reason why she dislikes her so much and cannot stand her presence even for some time. It was only because of her that she lied to the police and even blamed Ishita for spoiling their time.

ruhan ishita yhm Ruhaan to Distance Ishita and Raman Bhalla?

It was only because of Ishita that Ruhaan didn’t expose Nidhi and her torture. She is all set to take her revenge while Ishita is confused why Ruhaan hates her so much.

Raman Is Heading Australia too

Raman is interested in buying Ramanchandra’s company IshRa whose owner is none other than Mani. Now that Mani is not ready to sell his company, Raman wants to meet him face to face. Interestingly, Pihu is also accompanying him as she wants to meet her pop idol “Ruhaan” who is currently in Australia for a concert. Raman meanwhile is not aware that it is Mani’s company and Ishita who is alive is staying with him.

ruhanika dhawan as pihu yhm Ruhaan to Distance Ishita and Raman Bhalla?

Ruhaan to Distance Ishita and Raman in Australia

According to some sources, Raman and Ishita both will be seen sitting in the same café. Incidentally, even Ruhaan will be present there. However, the moment she’ll see they will come face to face, she’ll bump into Raman and somehow try to make the situation in a way that the two do not come face to face.

yeh hai mohabbatein  Ruhaan to Distance Ishita and Raman Bhalla?

Well, yes, Ruhaan hates her dad too. While, she was the one who actually united Ishita and Raman in her past life, post 7 years, she’ll be the one who will not allow them to meet each other. She will ensure that they suffer staying separated. Ruhaan wants them to suffer just like she is suffering because of their past deeds.

Ruhaan will keep on doing it till he can. Wonder, when both Ishita and Raman will come face to face of each other. Also, when will Ishita know about Pihu, Ruhaan and when will the family reunite. We just hope the twists and turns in the upcoming episodes keep us glued.

As of now we know IshRa won’t be united so soon. Besides, we wonder, when will they come face to face of each other in spite of Ruhaan’s desperate attempt to not allow them to meet.

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