Ruhan to reunite IshRa in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?

Raman and Ishita have been separated post the leap of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Both of them are living different lives. They still love each other. While Raman thinks Ishita is no more, Ishita often remembers him and cry out as she still loves him dearly.

Currently, both of them are in Australia. Though they had the “miss and go” scenes, they have not bumped into each other.  Despite travelling on the same flight, they have still not seen each other. Besides, even after a lot of hit and misses, Ishita and Raman will not see each other.

yhm shocking twists raman ishita to confront in hijack ishita gets shot Will Ruhan Unite Ishita and Raman?

Raman Will Rescue Ishita from the Plane

After the mishap both Ishita and Raman will be hurt and Raman will then rescue Ishita and take her to the hospital. However, he will not be able to see Ishita’s face as it would be covered with smoke. Still he would ensure her everything is fine. Ishita will be unconscious and wouldn’t hear Raman’s voice. So this time too they wouldn’t meet each other despite being with each other.

ishita raman reunion Will Ruhan Unite Ishita and Raman?

Even now the cat and mouse game between Ishita and Raman is on.

Mihika Will Meet Ishita in the Hospital

Buzz is that after knowing about the hijack a concerned Mihika would rush to the hospital to know about Raman and his health. She will then accidentally bump into Ishhita. The two sisters will have an emotional face to face and Mihika too narrate everything that happened in the past 7 years.

23 1443009160 yeh hai mohabbatein spoiler raman cheats ishita into signing surrogacy papers Will Ruhan Unite Ishita and Raman?

Ishita will then know everything about the two families and their attitude towards each other. She will also know about Pihu and Adi. While, we are not sure about this track, some reliable sources have confirmed this meeting. It is still not sure whether Mihika will reunite Raman and Ishita. However, we are sure that Ruhaan can be a cupid once again.

Will Ruhan Unite Raman and Ishita?

Only Ruhan knows about both Ishita and Raman. Only he knows that both Ishita and Raman are travelling on the hijacked plane. No matter how much he hates them both, the moment he heard about the plane hijack he got tensed. Immediately, he prayed for both his Ishi Maa and Papa. Instantly, his love for both his parents came out in the open. He couldn’t hide his emotions and we got to know he still feels for his parents.

ishita raman Will Ruhan Unite Ishita and Raman?

Now that we know Ruhaan still loves and cares about his parents, we hope he can reunite the two soon provided he knows what happened after Nidhi took her away as Ruhi. We just hope everything becomes alright and the family reunites all over again. No wonder, Ruhi was the reason WHY Ishita And Raman united and now Ruhaan can be a reason for their reunification all over again.

What do you think – Will Ruhan reunite his parents or will he seek revenge and further try to distance them?

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