Ruhi and Ishita is the perfect daughter – mother jodi on TV inspiring million of viewers and fans by their ideal relationhip

After seeing Ruhi in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein every mother wants a daughter like her and after seeing Ishita in YHM, every daughter wants a mother like Ishita. They both fall in the ‘ideal’ category. However, more than their individual persona Ruhi and Ishita rock together as an ideal daughter – mother Jodi.

Here are the reasons why:

Despite the Age Difference, they understand Each Other

A mom can understand her daughter, but a daughter understanding her mom’s pain and trying her best to get her out of that pain is something credible. Ruhi is a constant support of Ishita even so what if she is a little baby who goes to school. On the other hand, Ishita too can understand Ruhi’s pain and insecurity as a kid. No wonder, her real mother left her when she was just an infant.

yeh hai mohabbatein ruhi bhalla ishita bhalla 5 Reasons Why Ruhi And Ishita Is the Ideal Daugter – Mother Jodi!

The Bonding of Ruhi and Ishita

Ishita is not Ruhi’s biological mother. However, her love for Ruhi is more than her biological mother. She can do anything to bring a smile on Ruhi’s face. In addition, even if Ruhi gets a small scratch she becomes restless until she is back in her normal state. Ruhi was the only reason why Ishita married Raman Bhalla and came in the Punjabi household.

Ruhi and Ishita cuties 5 Reasons Why Ruhi And Ishita Is the Ideal Daugter – Mother Jodi!

Ruhi too loves her Ishi Maa dearly. She keeps on giving her little surprises to ensure her Ishi Maa is happy all the time. In fact, she was the one who actually acted as a cupid between her father and Ishi Maa.

They Both Stand For Each Other Through Thick and Thin

Even if her own father is against Ishita, Ruhi stands like a pillar in front of him for her Ishi Maa. There have been instances when everybody was against Ishita but Ruhi was with her and she even proved Ishita’s innocence. Interestingly, when Ishita came to the Bhalla house and was supposed to make chicken, Ruhi was the one who helped Ishita in doing so.

YHM ISHITA RUHI BHALL MOTHER DAUGHTER RELATION 5 Reasons Why Ruhi And Ishita Is the Ideal Daugter – Mother Jodi!

Ishita too stood with Ruhi all the times even when her own father didn’t love her due to certain misunderstandings. She not only cleared those misunderstandings but also brought the two close.

They Do Not Need a Third Person to Communicate Things

Often in a family we need a third person to communicate things – A communicator who can communicate our things to our parents. However, in case of Ruhi and Ishita they do not need any one. No matter how sensitive the topic is, the two communicate each other openly. This is really inspiring as even in today’s age most of the mom hesitate to communicate things of their daughters.

yeh hai mohabbatein ruhi bhalla ruhanika dhawan divyanka tripathi 5 Reasons Why Ruhi And Ishita Is the Ideal Daugter – Mother Jodi!

Despite the ‘Step’ Connection, Their Love is Unconditional

Ishita is a step mother of Ruhi yet Ruhi’s love for Ishi Maa is unconditional even if her own mother Shagun showers her all the love in the world. There have been instances where Shagun tried to manipulate Ruhi against Ishita. However, Ruhi didn’t listen to her at all. She knew her Ishi Maa wouldn’t do anything against her. Such is the love between Ruhi and Ishita that nobody can break, not even her own biological mother.

yeh hai mohabbatein ruhi bhalla family pic 5 Reasons Why Ruhi And Ishita Is the Ideal Daugter – Mother Jodi!

Ishita and Ruhi’s relationship is really an inspiration for others. They also set an example that adoption is a healthy choice for both parents and the children.

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