Ruhi Bhalla cannot be a spoilt brat post leap – Here are our reasons why. CVs shouldn’t try to fool the viewers

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will soon take a leap and if sources are to be believed then Ishita Bhalla and Raman Bhalla will get separated. The couple will no more be together and will also live separetely. In fact, they will dislike each other.

Interestingly, Ruhi who will be seen as a tomboy Ruhaan (post the leap) will hate her Ishi Maa and would stay with Nidhi Chabbra (Pavitra Punia). She will become a spoilt brat and would prefer Nidhi over Ishita.

While, we know there is a trend of separating the couple and their children post leap so that they can reunite later on screen, we wonder why the character of Ruhi is being sacrificed in the whole mess. No wonder, she is a sweet girl and it would be highly illogical to portray her as a spoilt brat post the leap. Here are some of the reasons why:

Ruhi and Ishita cuties 5 Reasons Why A Spoilt Ruhi Bhalla post Leap is Illogical!

The Connection of Ishita and Ruhi Bhalla is Beyond Words

Ishita and Ruhi do not have any biological relation. However, their bond as Mother-Daughter simply cannot be described in words. They have a certain telepathy. Besides, they cannot live without each other. All this bonding and connection simply make this whole hatred thing illogical.

YHM ISHITA RUHI BHALL MOTHER DAUGHTER RELATION 5 Reasons Why A Spoilt Ruhi Bhalla post Leap is Illogical!


Ishita and Ruhi are Support System of Each Other

From the very first day, both the girls have supported each other through thick and thin. Ishita helped Ruhi when she was in need, and Ruhi helped Ishita whenever she was in a mess. Going by such a past, it would be really shameful to see them going separate ways.

yeh hai mohabbatein ruhi bhalla ishita bhalla 5 Reasons Why A Spoilt Ruhi Bhalla post Leap is Illogical!

They Stand By Each Other Always

No matter what the circumstances are, or how bad the situation is, Ruhi Bhalla and Ishita Bhalla always stand by each other. In addition, their relationship is not that weak which cannot withstand the test of time. This is enough to say why the track has no logic to show Ruhi going against her Ishi Maa. Isn’t their relationship a major highlight of the show?

yeh hai mohabbatein ruhi bhalla ruhanika dhawan divyanka tripathi 5 Reasons Why A Spoilt Ruhi Bhalla post Leap is Illogical!

Ruhi Has Been a Matured Child Always

Right from the start, Ruhi Bhalla has been a matured kid. In fact, her maturity level has always been more than the other kids. Whether, it was her elder brother Adi or her cousin Shravan, Ruhi always showed more maturity. Besides, her actions, tricks and words were always more like an adult than a kid. Going by all these factors, we feel it is highly injustice for the character to transform into a spoilt brat that too somebody who hates her dotting mother Ishi Maa.

ruhi bhalla ruhanika dhawan cute photo 5 Reasons Why A Spoilt Ruhi Bhalla post Leap is Illogical!

Ruhi Always Supports the Good, not the Evil

Ruhi Bhalla isn’t the one who supports evil things no matter how bad the situation is. She is simply the reflection of her Ishi Maa. This is the reason why she never supports evil things even if the doer is her own biological mother.

shagun ishita yhm 5 Reasons Why A Spoilt Ruhi Bhalla post Leap is Illogical!


Going by her nature, personality and behavior it is highly unlikely that she would support somebody like Nidhi. The reason being, nobody can manipulate Ruhi, she knows what is good and what is bad for her. However, here the writers will show her in totally different light which is against her basic nature. Wonder, why the writers are being such an evil soul.

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