Ever wondered of seeing a live cat fight of our glorious past? Well, then you shouldn’t miss Ruqaiya Sultan Begum getting bitchy against Jodha Begum here..

Even though Ekta Kapoor has removed her name from the historic biopic Jodha Akbar, her effect in the show still doesn’t seem to go. Well, just saying, because today’s episode of February 28th looked more of a saas-bahu serial than a historical drama. And then it just got doubled when Ruqaiya Sultan Begum turned into the usual vamp of any other saas-bahu serial

Ruqaiya Sultan Begum Jodha Begum Jodha Akbar: Ruqaiya Sultan Begum vs Jodha Begum

Ruqaiya Sultan Begum the name itself evokes power, authority and control. However, she now seems to be insecure of her position since the harem’s women all of a sudden are supporting Jodha Begum. The weirdest thing was the way Ruqaiya treats Salima Begum forgetting all her manners and customs -From “aap” to “tum” and from “Salima Begum” to Salima. Well, while watching her harsh language, I was reminded of the cheap cat fights in the Mumbai locals where women fight everyday losing all the modesty and manners that they usually portray outside.

Jodha however appears as calm as ever and confirms with Moti that she is doing all this just because she cannot see injustice in front of her eyes. This makes me think that – Jodha Begum in the serial never forgets to talk about her Rajvanshi sanskaar then why is the Rajput community behind the show so badly?

Well, if anybody who should really protest is the group that supports Ruqaiya Begum Sultan and not the Hindu community. I mean, what are they up to – Can a Mughal Begum who was a granddaughter of the first Mughal Emperor, Niece to the second and wife of the third Mughal Emperor ever behave in such a rowdy manner?

This is something very biased as far as the poor Ruqaiya Sultan Begum is considered. Going by the records, she was strong and not insecure unlike shown here…

By: Deepti Verma

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