Admission crisis in St. Stephen’s College sketches a gloomy picture of Indian educational system which badly needs to be fine-tuned.

The sixth month of the Indian calendar doesn’t only betoken the dying summer but dying hopes too. This time of the year, for some, opens the doorway to their dreams, while closes for many. The most-sought St.Stephen’s College of Delhi like every year has once again set high cut-offs for the ardent students aspiring for it. Score of 99% would welcome one to English Honours, while 98% to Economics Honours. Such near-to-century cut-offs pierces the dreams-adorned hearts of countless. But is it the college whom we’re supposed to finger on? Shall the eyes of admission-concerned parents envy these top-flight colleges? Nod your face sideways because it is not the college to be chid at. admission season Blame Government And Not St. Stephens College

Over-inflating grades  

Ask the scores to any one random and most of the lips would utter 90% because affording 90% today is like affording a ‘nano-car’. When average score ballparks at 90%, what else can any top college come up with? If Board of examinations do not devise stringent standards pertaining to answer-sheet-correction, such grade inflation would keep shooting whammy on students. The day not the seeds of money but discipline will be drilled into the heads of examining teachers; the day when carefree checking metamorphoses into meticulous examining; the day when essay checking counts in negative marking on grammatical errors and dull language; that day would perhaps be a milestone in Indian education system students reactions Blame Government And Not St. Stephens College

Irrational and irresponsible government

Unwise fear of after-result suicides, uproars and stone-bombardment on government offices restrains the government to impose strict laws regarding the fair examining of answer sheet. Not only this, Indian government had never mustered enough courage to uplift the Indian education system. What can happen to the country where an opinion of raising English standards in schools is discarded with an alibi of ‘English is the language of elites’. If the country’s Education minister fosters such mentality, how can our nation develop educational competence? To boot, scarcity of top institutes in India aggravates the woes of admission season more. How can one ‘Stephen’, one ‘Hindu’ and one ‘Shriram’ suffice in the country with such elephantine population? Food for thought it is. Government has to do something about it.

By Prerna Daga

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