Pakistan has refused to sign key agreements at the current SAARC Summit. Is Pal irrelevant to SAARC? PM Modi seems to indicate so.


  1. SAARC or the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation is an organisation with 8 members that aims to foster economic and political cooperation in the region. The member nations are India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Maldives, Afghanistan (the newest member). SAARC has its permanent headquarters (Secretariat) in Kathmandu, Nepal, where the current 18th SAARC Summit is underway.
  2. When the leaders of India and Pakistan met in neutral territory of the SAARC summit in Kathmandu, there appeared to be a distinct chill in the air with the Prime Ministers of the two countries Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif being less than cordial with each other.
  3. PM modi sharif saarc650 SAARC SANS PAKISTANWhen Mr. Nawaz Sharif took to the podium to deliver his address to the gathering, he appeared to completely ignore Mr. Modi. For his part, Mr. Modi assumed complete nonchalance at the slight; appearing to be deeply immersed in the SARC booklet. Though both leaders are putting up at the same hotel, the Soaltee, and delegates from both nations have met, the two leaders have managed to avoid greeting each other. (Source – NDTV)
  4. Reportedly Pakistan has refused to sign 3 multilateral pacts aimed at improving electricity sharing and trade. According to a Reuter’s article this truculence displayed by Pakistan, “threatens efforts by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make South Asia a viable economic counterweight to China and limit Beijing’s role in the region
  5. Host nation and home to the permanent SAARC Secretariat, Nepal will be making a last ditch effort to save the key SAARC agreements, hoping to prevent the summit turning out to be a non-achiever. Pakistan has not offered any concrete reasons for stalling the agreements, except for the excuse of “incomplete internal processes” being offered as a reason for this.
  6. Is this Pakistan’s way of showing pique at the way in which India has refused to proceed with talks? According to Nawaz Sharif, “cancellation of talks was New Delhi’s unilateral decision“; that it was now up to India to continue the peace process. While Pak seems intent on scoring petty points, Modi seemed clear about India’s agenda: “Development of close relations with our neighbours is a key priority for my government,” according to him. (Source – Times)
  7. Given Pak’s current display of recalcitrance and noncooperation as well as internal strife and many problems that the country as a whole faces, would it be a bad idea to have a SAARC of 7 nations? A SAARC that excludes Pak? Would SAARC really miss Pak?
  8. modi sharif  SAARC SANS PAKISTANAccording to PM Modi, things would still get done, even if Pak blocked progress. In his own address, the message to Pak was clear: countries in the region will deepen bonds, ‘through Saarc or outside it, among us all or some of us’. (Source – HT). And since a picture says a thousand words, the one here says it all!

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