‘Playing It My Way’ ~ An Autobiography of Sachin Tendulkar will be released tomorrow. Strange, a legend like him needs controversy and Greg Chapell to create a buzz

Everybody is coming up with their own book these days – From a five point someone IIT’ian to a not-so-famous blogger and even paid journalists along with attention hungry politicians. While, they might need controversies and ‘created buzz’ to promote their book, I wonder from when did the legend ‘Sachin Tendulkar‘ had to rely on controversies to sell his book/product.  Isn’t the phrase ‘Naam Hi Kaafi Hai’ suits perfectly to India’s cricketing legend aka Master Blaster? 

sachin tendulkar playing it my way cover controversy OMG! Even A Legend Like Sachin Tendulkar Needs a Controversy to Sell His Book!

Why Now, Why Not Then? 

The infamous Greg Chappell – Ganguly Controversy that changed the future of Prince of Kolkata aka Dada and eventually ended his Cricket career, is a dark phase in history of Indian Cricket. When Greg Chappell began his game against Sourav Ganguly, nobody came in support of Ganguly, confirming his opinion and stand on the Coach – Except, Harbhajan Singh who publicly defended Ganguly and accused Greg Chappell of being a hyprocrite. He also said Mr. Chappel continuously instilled a sense of insecurity in the team. Unfortunately, Bhajji was sacked. 

Sachin Tendulkar during the same time had mentioned, “What Is Said In The Dressing Room Should Not Be Made Public and If it comes out then it is not right” speaking to India’s Outlook Magazine. (Source: ESPNCricInfo

tendulkar ganguly afp OMG! Even A Legend Like Sachin Tendulkar Needs a Controversy to Sell His Book!

Well, well, well, if it is not right Mr. Tendulkar then why are you doing it now by mentioning the entire fiasco in your book. Had you reacted then, things would have been different, perhaps Ganguly, would have remained the captain for long. No wonder, he helped the Indians flourish abroad and even laid the foundation for greater feats by supporting youngsters like Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni, Virender Sehwag, Zaheer Khan and Harbhajan Singh.

Had he not been sacked unceremoniously, Indian cricket under his captaincy undoubtedly would have reached great heights. What is the use of saying now that Greg Chappell’s behaviour towards Ganguly was ‘astonishing?’ 

No One Opposes Sachin, The God of Cricket – Not Even Now, Not Even Then 

Sachin’s word has always been respected. Everybody hears when Sachin speaks. So why didn’t Sachin speak when he was required to? It would not just save the Bengal Tiger’s career but also Indian team in general. One of the best captains in the history of Indian cricket, under Ganguly’s captaincy, Team India not just became aggressive and fearless, but also competitive against the higher ranked teams. But, it seems Sachin rather wanted to play the game of diplomacy. Ah, now that reminds me of Dante Alighieri brainy quote “The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.” 

gregchappellsachinm ap l OMG! Even A Legend Like Sachin Tendulkar Needs a Controversy to Sell His Book!

Playing  It My Way ~ A Book on Cricket or a Book on Controversy? 

It is very necessary for any book/product to be publicized in a right way. For instance, the autobiography is of a legendary cricketer who is worshipped as a ‘God.’ The book should have rather focused (in terms of publicity) on how a young cricket enthusiast can gain from a book written by the person whom he idolizes . But, unfortunately, with the hype on the controversy, one doubts whether the book really benefits the young batsman out there who dreams of becoming the legendary ‘Sachin Tendulkar’ one day!!! 

Makes me conclude that, ‘Even a legend like Sachin Tendulkar needs a controversy to sell a book!  

Still, I’m yet to understand why a positive person like Sachin choose to go the negative way by hyping his book through controversy, why not through positive things – Or was he and his publishers afraid that it wouldn’t create much buzz… 

By: Aashish Verma

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