Why Is Sachin Tendulkar still playing Test Cricket, he still believes there is a lot of left in tank !! But why?

‘Sachin is not the greatest cricketer in the world’

I know this statement may ruffle many a feathers and would cause irks from all corners but I still believe in it. Reading two articles on Indiaopines.com ‘Tendulkar vs. Lara : The End of Reason’ and ‘Comparing Lara to Tendulkar’ with Sachin being the centre-fold of each, pushed me enough to write this article.

This doesn’t mean I am an anti-Sachin, I agree with the fact that Sachin is an All time great, his records are a testimonial of hard work n perseverance but considering Sachin as the greatest, an epitome of the best and comparing other cricketing legends with him is a disrespect to them.trans Sachin Tendulkar Is Not The Greatest : Indias Toothless Obsession for The Cricketer

Muttiah Muralidharan is the leading wicket taker in world cricket. Why doesn’t he get the same respect and stature that Sachin gets??

In the previous articles I read both the writers talking about statistics; I too have my own.

Overall Career Averages
Country Sachin Dravid
AUS 54.15 64.72
BAN 151.00 76.33
ENG 71.60 87.66
NZ 41.50 64.57
PAK 46.66 77.25
SA 42.40 42.11
SL 111.66 46.55
WI 47.69 63.66
ZIM 40.00 75.00

This table highlights the disparity between the 2 batsmen in full glow. There really is no need for me to even explain the implications. But there maybe a few doubters who feel that it is unfair to compare the 2 players as Sachin began his career as a 16 year old, and hence more prone to failings in his early years. The graph below comes to to dispel this very doubt. It shows the averages of the 2 players since Dravid’s debut – 1996-06-20. Now the conditions, opposition, situation are all the exact same for both the players. In fact, Dravid has a handicap of having to quell his initial fears. But I gracefully waive away this handicap. With this advantage, one may expect Sachin to come out on tops – but nope! Dravid is still far ahead.

Post-Dravid Averages
Country Sachin Dravid
AUS 60.09 64.72
BAN 151.00 76.33
ENG 75.88 87.66
NZ 46.71 64.57
PAK 68.33 77.25
SA 48.22 42.11
SL 116.75 46.55
WI 47.69 63.66
ZIM 48.00 75.00

These statistics show Rahul Dravid; for me the greatest No.3 Batsman of all time above Sachin; then why doesn’t his name taken in the same breath as Sachin. As rightly said by Ravi Shastri;” Rahul Dravid would have got his due if he had not been playing in the era of Sachin.”

Sachin’s greatest dream – ‘To win the World Cup’; but his performances at the pinnacle of cricket doesn’t show the same; barring the 2003 World Cup his performances have been below average; the 2011 World Cup which India won; the Man of the Tournament was Yuvraj Singh; not a Tendulkar. The 1996 World Cup says a similar tale.

How many innings can you tell where Sachin has performed in the finals of a series or tournament? Barring the Sharjah innings in 1998 and VB Series of 2008; not many.

Cricketers like Ricky Pointing, Jacques Kallis, Sanath Jaysuriya don’t get the credit they deserve for their achievements.After winning the World Cup, Sachin Tendulkar could have easily rode of to the sunset having completed his dream; Perfect plan? What did he do but? Played for two more years before announcing his retirement.

What was the need to play? What was left to achieve? A 100th Ton? A personal Accomplishment? And the match in which he finally scored it, what was the result? India lost to Bangladesh.

Sachin Tendulkar is still playing Test Cricket, he still believes there is a lot of left in tank!! But why? Today it is necessary for the youngsters to be groomed, to be tested for Test Cricket.

But if veterans like Sachin don’t pay way for them; how would Indian Cricket move in to the future. Sachin is one of the greatest icons of the cricketing world, an inspiration for all, but not the greatest cricketer!!!

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