The confidence vote to form the government in Maharashtra was decided by a Voice Vote; essentially a shouting match. This does not augur well for democracy in our country

BJP’s Fadnavis Wins Maharashtra Confidence Vote Via Shouting Match

fadnavis bagde SAD DAY FOR DEMOCRACY

Maharashtra Assembly Speaker Haribhau Bagde with Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis

  1. After the parting of ways between traditional allies BJP and Shiv Sena and after the BJP failed to gain an absolute majority in the Maharashtra legislative assembly elections we always knew that the political unfolding would be rivetingly interesting. For a while it was wait and watch before one of the frontrunners for the post, Devendra Fadnavis was announced to be the Chief Minister of Maharashtra; but even more drama was to follow soon.
  2. Firstly it was the opportunistic NCP who came to offer support; proving the old adage that politics makes some very strange bedfellows indeed. This offer of support from the NCP came as a complete surprise (in retrospect it should not have been such as surprise considering the NCP’s long history of the politics of self serving expediency). The purported reason proffered for this offer of support was that it was “in the interest of stability and development” of Maharashtra. Supposedly it was selfless altruism that saw the NCP offer support and not the desire to retain power in its traditional constituency.
  3. After the poll results and in the lead up to the formation of the government, there were still some murmurs about the BJP and Sena reaching an understanding to patch up their differences and form a government in the state. However in recent times, the BJP has displayed a remarkable level of self confidence and has been in the mood to spurn more than one traditional alliance; preferring to contest elections sans allies.
  4. After BJP’s snub to the Shiv Sena with regard to the appointment of ministers at the centre it became clear that the Sena-BJP alliance really is at an end and that the BJP would make a bid for forming the government on its own in Maharashtra. It was the manner in which events unfolded that is cause for concern.
  5. In a departure from the norm, a Voice Vote rather than the traditional use of voting machines to record votes was used to prove the BJP’s majority in the state of Maharashtra. Both dramatic and controversial, it was basically a shouting match that decided the fate of one of the biggest states in our country yesterday.
  6. MLAs are contending that manner in which the confidence motion in favour of the Devendra Fadnavis was passed, is unconstitutional. In a rare show of agreement, the Shiv Sena and the Congress have spoken out in one voice against the decision of the Speaker, Haribhau Bagde to permit a voice vote in preference of a division vote. Both parties have asked for a fresh trust vote. (Source – Indian Express)
  7. The moral high ground that the BJP has been claiming is been considerably eroded by these antics of the BJP. There is a sense of disillusionment even among supporters of the BJP who feel that the party has displayed a certain amount of contempt for the constitutional process in this case; that they should have adopted correct means to prove their majority.
  8. There is also an unshakeable sense that the BJP, by refusing to accommodate long standing allies, is displaying an unseemly arrogance. While the sense of self confidence may not be misplaced, seeing the kind of adulation that PM Narendra Modi commands all over the country, the BJP may have overestimated its own popularity if it underestimates the importance of regional parties in the states. Does the BJP think it can do anything now that it is in power at the centre? If so this does not augur well for democracy in India.

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