Kapil Sharma welcomed the rocking Sairat team on his show. Will the show will also become a platform for regional cinema?

Marathi film Sairat directed by Nagraj Manjule is a famous name now. Not just the Marathi cine goers but almost the entire India knows about the film. No wonder, it has become the highest-grossing Marathi film ever. The leads Akash Thosar and Rinku Rajguru have already won hearts of the nation by their mind-blowing performance. This is the reason why Kapil Sharma, India’s favorite comedian decided to invite them on the Kapil Sharma Show

We will see some of Rinku aka Archie’s famous dialogues from the film and Akash promises to floor everyone with his charm. Kapil Sharma and his team will also get into the Marathi flavour.

sairat team Sairat Team Recreate the Zhingat Magic on the Kapil Sharma Show!

The Marathi Flavour on the Sets of the Kapil Sharma Show

For the first time ever, a comedy show became a host to a Marathi film. Now that Sairat, the film is breaking records and creating history not only in Maharashtra but also in India, it was good that the team of Sairat became a part of India’s most watched comedy show – “The Kapil Sharma Show.”

sairat movie Sairat Team Recreate the Zhingat Magic on the Kapil Sharma Show!

The show welcomed the director – Nagraj Manjule, the lead actors – Akash and Rinku, along with music composers Ajay Atul. Together the team floored the masses and Kapil too look excited to welcome his guests. Interestingly, though Kapil Sharma ensured that he keep his comedy alive with his humor and jokes, it was the group dance of the team on the popular number “Zhingat” that was the highlight of the show. Adding a Marathi tadka, it simply entertained the masses effortlessly.

Recreating the Magic of Sairat on Stage

All the comedians of the show including Kiku Sharda, Sunil Grover and Rochelle Rao joined Kapil and the team to create some memorable moments. Later, the comedian even asked the director why did he cast newbies in the film and all about the budget of the film. Director Nagraj said that the reason why he chose newbies in his film was simply because he wanted his Archie and Parshya to look real and believable. Next, Kapil Sharma made Akash (Parshya) and his on-screen friends Salya and Langdya to recreate the unforgettable scene where the trio dances to the passing of the train.

kapil sharma show sairat Sairat Team Recreate the Zhingat Magic on the Kapil Sharma Show!

The Fun, Dance and the Latka – Jhatka

Interestingly, the lead actor Akash blushed a lot when a girl sitting in the audience proposed to him on the national TV. We even saw Akash and Rinku narrating their popular dialogue from the film where Rinku professes her love for Akash! Later, she even danced on popular Marathi song – Apsara Ali. She was joined by Langdya (Tanaji) in the act, delighting the audience with their desi latka and jhatka.

sairat zhingat song Sairat Team Recreate the Zhingat Magic on the Kapil Sharma Show!

In the end, the team grooved to the foot tapping and mind blowing Zhingat song from their film Sairat. How could they forget that. After all, the song is a complete party anthem and has been ruling the Martahi chartbusters ever since it released.

Overall, the show was worth watching because of the performance. These TV shows should apparently be a platform to promote regional cinemas as well.

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