Know why Salim Anarkali track is highly disappointing & what Jodha Akbar serial should actually show. Also, let us know your opinion on the Salim Anarkali love story

The love story of Jodha Akbar created quite an impact on the national audience for not one, but many reasons. Everybody was impressed by the serial, no matter how much they criticized over the fictional aspect. Soon the TRPs started growing so much that, it even gave tough competition to Diya Aur Baati Hum. Then came the leap and the shift from Jodha – Akbar to Salim – Anarkali. However, instead of being more interesting the epic tale became a major disaster declining the viewership day by day.

jodha akbar writers Why Salim Anarkali Love Story in Jodha Akbar Serial is Disappointing

Here are the Reasons why the Salim – Anarkali Track is highly disappointing:

The Story Isn’t As Pleasing As We Thought, Not Even Close Actually!

Although the viewers might be divided into two halves when it comes to the authenticity of the Salim-Anarkali love story, both of these two groups enjoyed the epic love tale of Salim and Anarkali in the Mughal-E-Azam Film. So, almost everybody expected a unique angle to the already known fictional story – The story of a young Salim (later Jahangir) falling for a dancer in the Mughal court. However, instead of using the same fictional, angle, Zee TV Jodha Akbar added its own version.

salim anarkali love story Why Salim Anarkali Love Story in Jodha Akbar Serial is Disappointing

In its own version, both Salim and Anarkali met when they were kids. The two had a mutual feeling of hatred and grow up hating each other. In fact, every wrong thing happened in their life was due to the other – Anarkali’s father lost job due to Salim and Salim had to stay away from the Mughal Palace for years due to Anarkali.

The Story Became Repetitive – Jodha Akbar Part 2 Rather Than Salim – Anarkali Love Story

If you see the Salim – Anarkali track, the CVs are all set to make their hate story into a love story. Now, isn’t this repetitive as even Jodha And Akbar’s story began with hatred? Frankly, nobody enjoys a boring part 2 of anything and especially when the nation was eager  to witness the most celebrated love story between Salim and Anarkali. Well, how could we compromise for something less!

salim anarkali Why Salim Anarkali Love Story in Jodha Akbar Serial is Disappointing

The Show Is Jodha – Akbar and not Salim Anarkali

We viewers were always in love with the main lead – Jodha and Akbar. Frankly, everybody thought that they will be the main lead for a long time. We believed that we will not just see the harem politics, but even the important battles, the Akbar-Birbal fun, the richness of the Akbar empire etc etc etc. But, much to our surprise the show made a U-TURN by giving us a leap and yet another love story, disappointing the fans completely.

jodha akbar fb Why Salim Anarkali Love Story in Jodha Akbar Serial is Disappointing

Now That Reminds Me of Another Angle In Salim Anarkali Story Which Is Widely Discussed

As mentioned earlier, there are two tales of Salim and Anarkali, one is shown in Mughal-E-Azam, and other find its place elsewhere. This version says that Anarkali (earlier Nadira) was Akbar’s favorite concubine who migrated from Iran to Lahore. A slave girl she mesmerized Akbar so much with her songs and dance that Akbar gave her the title of Anarkali (meaning Bud of a Promogenate)

Prince Salim the future Jahangir and his legendary illicit love Anarkali Why Salim Anarkali Love Story in Jodha Akbar Serial is Disappointing

Later, when Salim came to the Palace and saw Anarkali he too was attracted to this epitome of beauty. This soon resulted in a love story and the news spread like a wildfire. One day when an eunuch confirmed the news to Akbar, he was so agitated of Anarkali’s betrayal that he decided to punish her. At one end, he sent his son on a mission and on the other end he made a trench, no not to bury her. This trench was made so that Anarkali could run off with her mother only with a guarantee that she would never ever come back again.

However, instead of using these the two known interesting twists and tales, Jodha Akbar tried to show a normal rich boy and poor, but the haughty girl story, which is neither interesting nor makes any sense in the ongoing timeline of Mughal history. Besides, reducing screen time of some really talented actors like Rajat Tokas and Paridhi Sharma who had/have the capability of carrying the show successfully on their own shoulders.

Obviously, the disappointment was expected!

By: Deepti Verma


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