Now that misunderstandings between Salim and Anarkali are clearing up, Jodha is anxious to know the truth between them – Will Jodha support Salim for his love Anarkali?

Salim and Anarkali hated each other weeks ago in Jodha Akbar serial. But, now their misunderstanding seems to be evaporating. Thanks to the trust Akbar has shown in the Shahi Rakasa i.e. Anarkali, the truth is coming one by one in front of everybody – making Salim realize how evil he had been to Anarkali. His one order turned his love into a rakasa. And now, he wants to apologize to Anarkali.

salim anarkali love story Will Jodha Back The Love Story of Salim And Anarkali?

But, Will Anarkali Forgive Salim?

Anarkali’s entire life became hell just because of Salim and his atrocities. Though, it is altogether a different story that it was not Salim who planned the plot, but Haider for his own selfish reasons. However, Salim is feeling guilty because he thinks he had given Haider, the order to ruin Anarkali’s life.

anarkali jodha akbar story Will Jodha Back The Love Story of Salim And Anarkali?

In either way, Anarkali’s life is spoilt, so much that, she is a shahi rakasa now and no way can her life turn into a normal one. Salim is responsible for her pain directly or indirectly. It is highly doubtful that Anarkali would forgive Salim for all the fatal difficulties he has imposed on her. But then love triumphs at the end. Perhaps, Anarkali might budge at the start, but eventually melt, after all she loves Salim as much as he loves her.

But, Will She…..Now that her Friend Maan Bai is Already Engaged to Salim?

Well, Anarkali is Maan Bai’s friend. Though she might just be her servant, they were greatly attached to each other when Anarkali was in Amer. In fact, even in Agra, they both hugged each other like normal friends. Anarkali would not want to hurt Maan Bai in any case. Chances are even if she forgives Salim, she would act as she would not want Maan Bai or any other person to know the real story between her and Salim, the crown prince. The main reason being, Anarkali would not want to hurt Maan Bai who loves Salim unconditionally.

salim anarkali jodha akbar story Will Jodha Back The Love Story of Salim And Anarkali?

But, Will Jodha Sit Quietly – Now that She Has Seen Anarkali and Salim Together?

Jodha is a good observer. In addition, she is not the one who sits quietly until she gets into the depth of any situation. This means, in the coming weeks, Jodha will definitely get to know the truth about Salim and Anarkali – Their love story, their misunderstandings, Salim’s atrocities towards her, and even his guilt. Further realizing that Salim’s love is Anarkali, and not Maan. She’ll also understand how she mistook Maan to be Salim’s love only because of the peacock feather.

salim anarkali romance Will Jodha Back The Love Story of Salim And Anarkali?

However, the question remains – Will Jodha help Salim? Will she support Salim and Anarkali’s love story? Will she unite them? Will she try to bridge the gap between the crown prince and a shahi rakasa? After all, she is an angel of love as portrayed in the serial.

It would be interesting to see whether Jodha maintains her stand on love oby supporting Salim- Anarkali love story or becomes a hypocrite by trying to separate them, because we all know the love story of Salim and Anarkali had a tragic end.

What do you think will Jodha support Salim and Anarkali’s story in this fictional story of Salim and Anarkali on Zee TV’s Jodha Akbar?

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