Salman Khan is highly pissed by Anushka Sharma and her comments. Read the hot scoop

In Bollywood, it is mostly seen that when two actors do a film together they tend to come close as friends. This has been a recent trend. From Shahid Kapoor – Alia Bhatt, Ranveer Singh – Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif – Siddharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan – Kajol, Shah Rukh Khan – Deepika Padukone, the list goes on and on. However, it seems that Anushka Sharma decided to put a break by doing something very different.

Well, the actress in a recent interview following the success of Sultan, spoke something which might just turn awkward between Salman Khan and her. If you are wondering what did she say, here is her exact words –

salman anushka Salman Khan Is Highly Irked By Anushka Sharma – Here Is the Reason Why!

“I don’t know him (Salman Khan) at all. I have done one film with him and that’s the amount of interaction I’ve had with him.”

Salman Khan Is Pissed Because of Anushka Sharma’s Comments

Anushka Sharma’s above words haven’t gone down too well with the Sultan star and his his camp. A source reveals,

 “It was very unnecessary of Anushka to make these comments and say these things about Salman. It sounds strange when she says that she doesn’t know Salman at all. After working with him on the film, how can she go out and say that she’s intimidated by him and doesn’t know him at all.”

Salman Khan didn’t expect his leading lady of Sultan to act so indifferent especially when he did a film with her. As per sources, Salman was totally caught off guard when somebody told him about Anushka’s comment.

anushka salman Salman Khan Is Highly Irked By Anushka Sharma – Here Is the Reason Why!

Next, he made some phone calls in order to check whether she had really said it. The moment he learnt that it is indeed true that the actress did say those things he looked a bit confused. Nevertheless, Salman assumed that Anushka enjoyed working with him. Nevertheless, almost all the actress has always mentioned how lucky they were to do a film with Salman.

It is a Rift Forever Now it Seems

Though both, Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma put a brave face in front of the media at Sultan’s success meet and greet at Panvel recently and even posed for photographs, and gave those mandatory smiles, but behind the scenes looks like things were really different.

anushka sharma tractor sultan Salman Khan Is Highly Irked By Anushka Sharma – Here Is the Reason Why!

This is what a source close to Salman said –

“Salman will definitely keep distance from Anushka in the future. Also her reaction to his rape comment hasn’t gone done too well with the actor. It seems that all the ground they covered during the filming of Sultan is now lost because of her comments.”

This is what Anushka had mentioned –

“We obviously understand that it was rather very insensitive. People must have realised that this is not a word that can be used so loosely. All of us, not just celebrities, have a responsibility towards what they speak.”

We wonder if Salman Khan will ever work again with Anushka Sharma in the future or forget whatever she said. However, if we know Bhai he doesn’t give much heed to people who take panga with him and aren’t so close. Arijit Singh is a good example.

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