Salman Khan finally made his entry on The Kapil Sharma Show and you need to read what all he did

So Salman Khan finally made an appearance on the Kapil Sharma show and it of course became the biggest episode of the season. The 2 hour special episode with Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma was not only hilarious but also EPIC, so much that we as viewers couldn’t stop rolling with laughter.

Here is the complete highlight of the Kapil Sharma show

The Great Entry of Salman Khan, the Sultan

It is the occasion of Eid and the host Kapil Sharma greets everybody the same. Not forgetting to mention, the episode has to be special because of the festival, he then invites his special guest “Salman Khan”. While, Salman makes his grand entry, the crowd keeps on cheering “Sultan” “Sultan”- watching Salman Khan enter to the cheers of the crowd was indeed a visual treat. Next, Navjot Singh Sidhu said a special shayari for the star impressing him all the more.

salman khan the kapil sharma show Salman Khan On The Kapil Sharma Show   Full Updates!!!

When Kapil Sharma Started Pulling Salman Khan’s Leg in Sultan

Kapil Sharma then starts pulling the superstar’s leg by talking about his langot in the film. He kept on asking how he could fit in the same langot as he was constantly losing and gaining weight for his film Sultan. Salman also reveals how he felt very weird while shooting for Sultan in a langot. His description made us laugh. Interestingly, the actor even mentioned how his male fans are delighted to see him dressed in a langot than his female fans.

salman khan anushka sharma Salman Khan On The Kapil Sharma Show   Full Updates!!!


Lottery and Bumper Entertains Salman Khan

Rochelle Maria Rao as Lottery comes with Eid food and entertains Salman Khan. She even reads out a love letter written in pure Hindi. The way she recites her letter and poem makes everybody go ROFL. We know how weak Maria is when it comes to Hindi. Next enters Kiku Sharda as Bumper bringing sevai for the star. However, she mentions that she has been cooking the sevai from past one year. While, Salman makes faces, Bumper eats it without any hiccups.

salman khan shakes a leg with lottery and bumper on the sets of the kapil sharma show in fimcity Salman Khan On The Kapil Sharma Show   Full Updates!!!

Bumper then sings a rap on burping, sneezing, and farting. Later, Bumper along with Salman Khan and lottery dance on Sultan’s song 440 Volt.

The Entry of Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma makes a sizzling entry and Kapil starts pulling her leg. She shares her experience about acting as a wrestler and Navjot Singh Sidhu narrates a special shayari for her. The actress is happy to hear the same. Both, Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma share their wrestling experiences.

kapil sharma for anushka and salman kapil sharma show Salman Khan On The Kapil Sharma Show   Full Updates!!!

However, Kapil takes a dig by saying one has to be careful of what one says. Yes, this  this was in light of Salman Khan’s ‘raped woman’ remark. Anushka then shared her experience working with all the three khans. How the three khans have given her a scooter ride.

Begum and Suman

Next enters Ali Asar as BEGUM with several kids who call Salman Khan as abba. She acts naughty and even tries to seduce him. That makes Salman Khan go rofl and he literally falls on the couch. They then get into the Jag Ghoomeya mood and perform the step together.

salman khan performs a dance step from his upcoming movie with begum on the sets of the kapil sharma show Salman Khan On The Kapil Sharma Show   Full Updates!!!

Sunil Grover too enters as Suman, a lady police officer from Haryana police. She keeps on falling on Salman Khan. Next, Suman goes to Dr Mashoor’s clinic and comes out dressed as a girl. She performs a vibrant dance with Salman Khan where she changes into 5 different get ups. The dance steps are so very hilarious that the actors laugh all the while. In the last part where Sunil is dressed as a girl from the front and as a male wrestler from the back was the most funny thing we saw in the show. Especially the way he shaked his butt on the song Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai song.

Overall, the show was quite funny and it was good to see Salman Khan in the Kapil Sharma Show.

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