Engagement rumours are not true but Salman Khan has wedding plans – Read the complete story!

Few days ago social media went crazy when reports came out that Bollywood superstar Salman Khan got secretly engaged to Romanian model Iulia Vantur. Rumors spread like wildfire and people around the world congratulated Salman Khan. Bhai remained all quiet about the news and we couldn’t help but believe the rumours, until of course Arpita Khan Sharma cleared everything on Twitter by her following tweet..

However, if Salman Khan’s close friends are to be believed, then those rumours weren’t that baseless and had substance. Yes, though Salman Khan didn’t get engage to Iulia Vantur (as per the rumours), he certainly has marriage plans with her as confirmed by his friends.

Here are 5 Statements by his Close Friends that reveal his marriage plans:

Salman Khan is keen to get married to Iulia, his Romanian girlfriend in the next one year.

His friends said that we don’t know about any engagement as the rumours suggested but Salman Khan will surely get married within the next one year.

salman iulia 5 Statements That Reveal Salman Khan Has Wedding Plans!

Salman Khan Wants to Start His Own Family

Salman’s friends revealed how he expressed his desire to marry soon. Besides, the friend mentioned how Salman Khan feels lonely these days. No doubt, he does have a loving family besides him. However, at the end of the day, everybody – His brothers, sisters and their children head back to their respective homes. Salman Khan now wants his own family. Well, we too have been waiting for this day from decades now and wants Bhai to get married as soon as possible.

saman khan lulia vantur 5 Statements That Reveal Salman Khan Has Wedding Plans!

Salman Khan Even Denied Talking about His Marriage Plans With The Media

If you remember, after the news of Bhai’s engagement broke out, he even denied interacting with the journos at an event for his upcoming film Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. Salman knew the media would ask him about his engagement news and marriage plans. Now since he wasn’t too keen in answering those uncomfortable questions on his engagement and marriage plans, he simply refused to have a media session.

salman khan prem ratan dhan payo release on nov 5 Statements That Reveal Salman Khan Has Wedding Plans!

Salman Khan is Really Serious about Iulia Vantur

Salman Khan was rumored having an affair with lot of girls post his breakup with Aishwarya Rai. However, according to his friends it seems that he is “more serious” about Iulia Vantur than any other girl in recent times. We as Salman Khan fans only hope that this time Salman’s girl appreciates his love and marriage decision. We just want him to get married. Well, the entire nation has been eagerly waiting for it.

Salman iulia vantur1 040713 5 Statements That Reveal Salman Khan Has Wedding Plans!

Salman Khan is committed to Iulia Vantur and She Too Wants to Marry Him

Bhai is fully committed to his Romanian ladylove and is looking forward to marry her said his close friend. No wonder, even in the past Salman Khan was always committed to all his girlfriends whether it was Sangeeta Bijlani, Somi Ali or Aishwarya Rai. The relationship failed because the girls decided to move on. However, Iulia Vantur wants to marry Salman Khan and this time we do hear wedding bells in the near future.

What do you think Salman Khan fans?

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