Salman Khan has played the entire media as fools to market his movie – He hardly cares about Tiger Memon !

There is a reason why Salman Khan is a superstar in bollywood – its not just about his style of acting – its about astute marketing as well. Of course a launch at Eid is a master-stroke – it’s not about religion – its simply ticket sales. Have you seen the lines outside the Gateway Of India after Eid (lakhs of people). After weeks of fasting , people are looking for avenues of entertainment – even if it mean going to the Gateway of India for the nth-time and that too in the rains. Salman captures this crowd very easily and converts them into movie-goers – to see his new launch.

While all that is fine – what are all of these Tiger Memon tweets about ?. Salman probably as of two weeks ago knew only of Tiger Shroff or Tiger Woods – but hardly Tiger Memon !!!

So here’s my theory:

Salman’s Bonhomie With The BJP Is Well Known

kite flying salman khan modi Salman Khan Has Simply Fooled The Media

Salman Khan with Narendra Modi Kite Flying Festival Salman Khan Has Simply Fooled The Media

Bajrangi Bhaijan Has Now Played For a Week

salman khan in bajrangi bhaijaan photos Salman Khan Has Simply Fooled The Media

And after the first week usually the ticket sales drop – so additional marketing is required. Enter the for-hire BJP Youth wing.

BJP Youth Wing Protests Outside of Salman’s Home In Bombay

BJP protestors outside salman khan residence Salman Khan Has Simply Fooled The Media

To be honest though – the crowds hardly looked like the BJP Youth Wing – it felt more like the supporting actors and dancers from bollywood and anyone from the streets of Bandra including tourists. Controversy created – Salman in front page news and Bajrang Bhaijan ticket sales increase !

Tweet retracted – religious harmony stressed all in the spirit of the movie. Basically Salman says go see my movie and make me more money !

Easiy done and a master-stroke !!! Even the protesters (so called BJP Youth Wing) retract as if nothing happened.

Salman Khan has played the entire media as pawns to market his movie – Possibly the media does not even care, it willfully tags along – it simply wants a (any) sensational story ?



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