Salman Khan did everything that a resourceful lawbreaker does. He got what he deserved at least now.

Salman Khan had never inspired the friends of my age group. I have never seen any of his films and consequently I’m NOT entitled to make comment about his theatrics. His father wrote some nice films that had no intellect quotient but made a reconnect with the aspirations, confusion and vulnerabilities of struggling Indian.

Salman Khan  Salman Khan Got What He Deserved

In past, I read in news about his violent fracases with her different girlfriends which I’d consider as his private personal matters. However, being an animal lover, his killing spree of Black Deer shocked me.

That I was not shocked when I got to know about his drunk driving and the ultimate killing of Noor and bruising of other hapless creatures sleeping on pavement, that fateful night would sound offensive to my reader. Let me explain. I’ve a personal experience of driving on most of the finest as well the most congested, crowded and confusing highways and byways of Middle East, Far East and Europe.

In Makati, Manila my bodyguard had to get out of the car to make the passage through. And the navigation through the criminal lanes of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia was the most dangerous errand that one could undertake. In the middle-east, you’re always at the mercy of traffic police (Shurta). You can occasionally find yourselves behind the bar even if you have had never crossed the Isharah (Signal). Trust in God.  

However, an early morning walk in Germany, enjoying the flower-decked windows and low hanging fruit from the wall and hedges trees, in a town abutting Munich, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a behemoth of a lonely Earth Mover traveling with a speed that would not have been exceeding a few KM / hour. Coming near the pavement of my side, the hunky dory pleasant operator of Caterpillar accosted me with – “Hallo, Guten Morgen!” Hello Good Morning.

German was an unfriendly country for Great Britain and my parents were British subjects. They had no love lost for German language and they didn’t provide me any favor to learn German language. Later on in life, to help me in such a piquant situation my German host has taught me to reply the same words and then enlighten the stranger with the revelation – “Es tut mir leid. Ich Kann kein Deutsh konnen. Sie sich in English zu sprechen.” I’m sorry I can’t speak German. Can you talk to me English.”

Prompt came his reply – “Kein Problem.” No problem. After a mile drive he parked his heavy machine where the work was in progress. I had almost reached there within fifteen minutes as I slogged on foot. He was happy to receive me there and gracefully offered a chair. We exchanged few smiles and he did offer me no BEER as work is worship for them. I asked him why he was proceeding so slow when there was no traffic and road was almost free of any incursion. He smiled and reciprocated – “There was no hurdle on the road, true, but there was the rule of law that calls me to follow a certain speed.”

Oh yeh. Of course.

Often, in metropolitan cities of third world, poor people sleep at places that are inconvenient and risky for drivers and sleepers as well. Accident could happen even if the driver is free of alcohol. Road accidents do not always happen for your fault. However, in the worst of such situations, the driver should stay put and help the injured to carry him / her to hospital. Reporting to police should always be the first act after that.

Salman Khan failed to follow the simple procedure and he was drunk also. He behaved in a way the power-drunk normally do. With the clout of popularity and bags of money at his disposal, he tried to employ lawyers and compelled the poor man-Friday, his driver to accept the blame for his crime.

salman khan arrested Salman Khan Got What He Deserved

I’m not exploring here the legal labyrinths. The law of land caught him and punished him and sent him into the right place. That may be or may not be the end of story as there are stations of High Courts and Supreme Court along the way. Salman got what he deserved at least now. He did everything that a resourceful lawbreaker does when the long arms of law try to reach up to him.

Public loves dreams and dream merchants. So, most of the reactions are on predictable lines. We know that Salman belongs to Bollywood and there is nothing wrong if Bollywood supports him emotionally. It is a family matter. However, this demo of solidarity should follow certain standards of law and decency.

The knee-jerk reaction of a hitherto little known Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya didn’t help the cause of Salman Khan. It was utterly objectionable and utmost reprehensible. In a tweet he said, “Kutta rd pe soyega kutte ki maut marega, roads garib ke baap ki nahi hai I ws homles an year nvr slept on rd.”

I’m not dismissing that the singer is an idiotic, insensitive and insolent parvenu or his reaction is a blathering of an anti-social vagabond. I feel such reaction could come only from a person suffering from ‘Impulse Control Disorders.’ These are a specific group of impulsive behaviours that have been accepted as psychiatric disorders under the DSM-TR.

An Impulse Control Disorder can be loosely defined as the failure to resist an impulsive act or behaviour that may be harmful to self or others. It is not a premeditated act, not considered in advance and one over which the individual has little or no control. The impulsive behaviours or actions do also refer to violent behavior, sexual behavior, gambling behaviour, fire starting, stealing, and self-abusive behaviors.

Singer  Abhijeet needs an urgent holistic check-up before he is let loose and turns worst and becomes a mortal threat to civilized society. Let her ignore his spontaneous insane reactions on TV channels. He needs help. 

By: Naim Naqvi

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