Slaman Khurshid recently questioned the genuineness of vast crowds that greeted PM Narendra Modi’s public appearances abroad. Is this a pathetic attempt to remain relevant in Indian politics?

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  1. Former Minister for External Affairs, Salman Khurshid is now in the opposition and seems to have rather a lot of time on his hands. The lawyer-writer is now longer the target of attacks from the likes of the redoubtable Arvind Kejriwal and appears to be looking for other ways to remain relevant to Indian politics; at least to remain in the news.
  2. Slaman Khurshid recently called into question the vast crowds that have greeted PM Narendra Modi’s public appearances abroad. He even suggested that people have been taken from India for slogan shouting. To substantiate his claim he pointed out that 20,000 had people gathered to see the PM in Nay Pee Taw the capital of Myanmar where streets are generally empty. (Source – NDTV)
  3. Predictably, the BJP has objected to the statements of Mr. Khurshid. According to BJP leader and Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar this statement points to the “bankruptcy of Congress.”
  4. Mr. Khurshid was also reported as having said “if you don’t believe me, check flight tickets”. So apparently according to Mr. Khurshid, those in Modi’s team have taken the incredibly roundabout and expensive option of flying people to foreign to yell some slogans. Also people have been flown in by the thousand to multiple locations if he is to be believed (a similarly enthusiastic reception met the PM in Australia as well)
  5. Is Mr. Khurshid mouthing the unofficial party line of the Congress? Or are these thoughts the product of his own mind, one does indeed wonder
  6. Whatever be the case, it is rather unfortunate that Mr. Khurshid deems it necessary to take potshots at the PM while he is abroad. It is also unfortunate that he thinks he has to resort to making silly statements like this just be get himself in the headlines
  7. Mr. Khurshid do you really believe what you say or this a slightly pathetic attempt to remain relevant in Indian politics today? You may justifiably be terrified of the political wilderness that you currently find yourself in, but let’s make statements that are at least slightly believable and relevant shall we?

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