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Samba was a son of Lord Krishna, the Hindu god, and his wife Jambavati. It was through his actions and anger that brought an end to the Yadu dynasty.

The Birth of Samba

According to Devi Bhagavata Purana and Mahabharat, Krishna’s wife Jambavati was unhappy as she was the only one who had not borne any child to Krishna while all his other wives were blessed with many children.
Next, she told her Swami Krishna to find a solution and expressed her wish to be blessed with a son like Pradyumna, Krishna’s first-born from his chief consort Rukmini. Lord Krishna then went to sage Upamanyu and as adviced him started praying to Lord Shiva. Vasudev continued his penance for 6 months in various difficult postures. Pleased with the austerities, Lord Shiva finally appeared in the form of Samba, the half-male, half-female form of the god and asked him to ask a boon.

samba brother Everything About Samba   Lord Krishnas Son!


Vasudev then sought a son from Jambavati, which Lord Shiva granted. A son was soon born to Jambavati and he was named as Samba, the form of Shiva that had appeared before Vasudev.

Samba Was the Reason of Yadu Clan’s Demise

Lord Krishna wanted his son Samba to be exactly like Lord Shiva. However, Lord Shiva’s main function is to destroy creation and so for his son to be like Lord Shiva it meant that the child too would have to be the main cause of the destruction of his entire race, the Yadu Clan. No wonder, this was what Lord Krishna desired as the Yadus were invincible, the one who could not be defeated by anybody.

samba lord krishna son Everything About Samba   Lord Krishnas Son!


His Marriage With Duryodhana’s Daughter

Samba was not a nice boy like Pradyumana but a nuisance to the Yadavas. He abducted Duryodhana’s daughter Laxmana, the twin sisyemter of Laxman Kumar on the day of her Swayamvar. He had heard of her beauty and wanted to marry her though she had nointerest in him. He forcefully abducted her on the Swayamvar day and even defeated the Kuru maharathis but was finally caught.

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Samba was arrested by the elders of the Kuru clan and threw him in their prison. When Lakshmana’s swayamvar was re-arranged, no prince was willing to marry her since she was abducted by another man and therefore she belonged to that man who had abducted her. Besides, they were afraid of the Yadavas who would attack one of married Lakshmana on Samba’s behalf.

However, Balarama, rescued him out. When, Balram was insulted by Kurus, he started smashing the palace. It was then, when his disciple Duryodhana not only pacified him but also arranged the marriage of Lakshmana with Samba.

Samba Was Cursed By His Own Father

According to Skanda Purana and Varaha Purana, some of Lord Krishna’s junior wives were infatuated with Samba. One wife Nandini even disguised herself as Samba’s wife and embraced him. For this, Lord Krishna cursed Samba to be inflicted with leprosy and his wives to be kidnapped by Abhira robbers after his death.

Konark Sun Temple Front view Everything About Samba   Lord Krishnas Son!


Next, Samba got infected by leprosy. However, he got cured by worshipping Surya in the temple constructed by him in Mitravana on the banks of the Chandrabhaga for 12 years. The Konark Sun temple is attributed to Samba.

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