Did Chanakya guide Samrat Ashoka? Did the two meet? Check out few facts that links their connection

In the serial Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, we saw how Chanakya played an important role in influencing Ashoka’s path of life. He, in fact, became his mentor and even guided him towards the righteous path. However, although the serial highlighted the connection well, there is no historical evidence or documents that state the meeting of Chanakya with Ashoka.

Did Samrat Ashoka Ever Meet Chanakya?

Well, Chanakya was born in 371 BC and he died in 283 BC. Ashoka was born in 306 BC well before Chanakya died. So, it can be deduced that Acharya Chanakya was alive when Ashoka was born. In fact, Ashoka was 21 years old when Chanakya died.

Also, everybody is aware of the fact that Chankaya remained advisor not just to Chandragupta but also to his son Bindusara who was Ashoka’s father. This clearly indicates that Ashoka must have definitely met Acharya Chankaya.

ashoka chanakya Did Samrat Ashoka Ever Meet Chanakya?

However, Chanakya left active politics and Patliaputra when Ashoka must have been hardly 8 to 10 years. This indicates that Ashoka would have met Chanakya but as a young prince. Back then Ashoka was not even favored by his father, forget considering him suitable as his heir.

So, we assume that their meeting would have been quite casual unlike highlighted in the serial that Chanakya meets Ashoka and considers him suitable as a future of the United India.

If, not Chanakya, Who Helped Samrat Ashoka to Build United India?

It was not Chanakya but Acharya Radhagupt who played a vital role in making Ashoka, the Great Emperor. Right from manipulating Bindusar’s decision to make Ashoka his temporary heir to helping Ashoka eliminate his opponents (brothers), Acharya Radhagupt aided Ashoka in almost every step. It was not Chanakya but Radhagupt who played a key role in making Ashoka the ultimate heir of the Mauryan empire.

chanakya kautilya arthashastra colors Did Samrat Ashoka Ever Meet Chanakya?

Samrat Ashoka Was the Follower of Chanakay’s Book, Theory and Philosophy

Samrat Ashoka religiously followed the instructions, rules and things mentioned in the book penned down by Chanakya. In the biography of Ashoka it is clearly mentioned that he continued the tradition and ideals led by his grandfather Samrat Chnadragupt Maurya. He followed the routine set by Chanakya and also believed in the principles stated by Chanakya.

chanakya bindusar 1 Did Samrat Ashoka Ever Meet Chanakya?

Samrat Ashoka thoroughly believed that the prosperity of his subjects was his prosperity. This is the reason why he had officers that were appointed only to report about the welfare and sufferings of the people. These officers were asked to report to him no matter what the hour of the day/night it was. Going by the texts it is highly assumed that though Ashoka, the Samrat never meet Chanakya, he did follow his principles and even ran his administration based on Chanakya neeti.

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