Will the Samrat start hating Ashoka in Colors TV serial?

We all know that Samrat Bindusar wasn’t much fond of Ashok. However, in the serial Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, we always saw otherwise. Here in the serial right from the start, he was an apple of the Samrat’s eye even when he wasn’t aware that he is his son. The two shared a great bond as they became each other’s friend.

The Relationship of Samrat and Ashok was Special

Though it is widely known in History that Sushim was Samrat’s favorite child, the serial gave us a fictional story about the bond that Bindusar shared with Ashoka. We were shown that BIndusar loves and trust Ashok more. It all started when Bindusar met Ashok as a confident young kid who had a certain charm which appealed him. Next, Ashoka with his sincerity, honesty, confidence and dedication won his heart. Ashok too became fond of him. However, back then, they had no clue about their relationship.

bindusar ashoka relationship Will Samrat End Up Hating Ashoka?

Interestingly, the Samrat also enrolled him in the royal school where he could get the basic education with an intention to make him learn things. He wanted him to become a Senapati when one of his sons become yuvraaj. No wonder, Ashok was a raw talent who needed refining.

Soon, they became friends and started sharing their problems, growing more and more close to each other. Ashok truly bowled the Samrat and they started sharing an emotional bond which obviously troubled many of the people in the palace including his wife and sons. However, nothing affected their relationship.

ashoka serial Will Samrat End Up Hating Ashoka?

Next, when they realized that they are indeed father and son, the bond became more strong. They forgot all their problems and started life afresh. When Samrat united with his lost wife and lost son, things changed as more and more insecurity started increasing in the palace. Yet Ashok remained aloof from all the politics by trying to solve the problems of Magadh. However, he was trapped again and again by Sushim, Charumitra, Helena and also Siamak.

Post the Death of Chanakya Things Changed

Ashok always had the support of Acharya Chanakya. The guru’s unconditional help made him strong. He shielded him always and also gave everybody the proof of Ashoka’s innocence. However, post his death, though Ashok is right and doing his duties, he is not able to make his father understand things. His father BIndusar always finds Ashok in a wrong situation at a wrong time, making him angry and agitated all the time. No wonder, half of the time such circumstances are created by his nemesis. Unfortunately, Ashok was also blamed for his brother Dhrupad’s death.

chakravartin ashoka samrat throne bindusara Will Samrat End Up Hating Ashoka?

Things have become so bad that Bindusar now is troubled by Ashok’s presence and acts for creating more and more problems for him. He is already sad by his actions. And going by what is happening in the serial, we think Bindusar will end up hating Ashoka wh was once his favorite kid. Ultimately, after showing fiction, the serial finally meets reality and shows cold vibes between the father and son.

Looks like that Bindusar will soon die in the serial hating his son, now that a leap is about to take place soon

Image Source: Colors TV

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