Unlike shown in the serial, Samrat Bindusar wasn’t a puppet. Know the facts from the past

It is indeed very disheartening to watch Samrat Bindusar as a weak ruler who is simply under the influence of something or the other every time. This time too when everything was going right and things were going to change for better, a strange twist in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial once again portrayed the Samrat in a wrong light.

While, the plot is simply fictional, it is indeed annoying, irritating and sad to watch a strong ruler getting slayed by the writer’s imagination. No wonder, Samrat Bindusar wasn’t a weak ruler as showed in the serial.

bindusar in ashoka Samrat Bindusar was not a Puppet!

Black Magic Overpowered Samrat Bindusar in Ashoka Serial

It is interesting how the writers have used the power of black magic in the serial time and again. Though it was interesting and intriguing sometimes, adding the factor for some major twist in the plot simply disrupts the character and storyline completely.

justin helena bindusara ashoka colors Samrat Bindusar was not a Puppet!

For instance, showing Bindusar getting infected by a herb through black magic was totally uncalled for. Amusingly, he becomes Sushim’s puppet and acts as per Sushim’s order. He sits if Sushim tells him to sit, he stands when Sushim asks him to stand. In addition, he even orders Ashoka to be killed when Sushim orders him the same. So much drama especially when Ashoka and Bindusar were united after so long and were ready to wipe out the enemies!!!

Was Samrat Bindusar So Weak and Powerless?

The Mauryan Samrat – From Chandragupta Maurya to Bindusar and Ashoka, the Great were powerful and strong rulers. In fact, Samrat Bindusar expanded the Mauryan Empire. He wasn’t such a nominal Samrat as shown in the serial. Besides, he wasn’t an emotional fool unlike shown in the serial. Wonder why the serial writers add so much emotional quotient in a historical serial that too on a Samrat who is meant to be ruthless and powerful in spite of knowing that they were not.

bindusar ashoka relationship Samrat Bindusar was not a Puppet!

Samrat Bindusar was not a weak ruler as portrayed in the Ashoka serial. He, in fact, is known to be aggressive without any emotional bonding with any of his relatives. Besides, back in those days no king or Samrat was so weak that he could be manipulated and here in question is the man who is heir to none other than Chadragupta Maurya whose foundation was laid by none other than Chanakya.

We wonder, why the serial writers have been so brutal on Samrat Bindusar when it comes to illustrating his strength. It is rather annoying at times to see the Samrat so weak that anybody can make him his puppet.

What do you think about Bindusar’s portral in the serial? Do you think it is fair to show the Samrat in such an avatar?

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