Everyone is assuming that Ashoka is dead. Will Samrat Bindusar Know that Ashoka is Alive and is heading towards Taxila to defeat Kichak?

In Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial, Samrat Bindusar believes that his son Ashoka died in the ship mishap. In fact, not just Samrat Bindusar but the entire royal palace thinks the same except of course Ashoka’s mother Rani Dharma who thinks that her son will come soon.

Samrat Bindusar Is Convinced that Rajkumar Ashok is No More

After seeing Ashoka’s sword brought by the lone survivor of the ship survivor, Bindusar believed that his son is no more. The evidence made him believe the worst though Rani Dharma maintained that her son cannot die. No, Rani Dharma doesn’t know the truth but it is her faith and belief that her son Ashoka cannot die until and unless he fulfil the promise he gave to Acharya Chanakya of Akhand Bharat.

bindusar ashoka relationship Will Samrat Bindusar Know that Ashoka is Alive?

Nobody Seem to Believe Rani Dharma

Rani Dharma has full faith that her son will return. She is even praying for him but others think that she has lost her mind because of the loss of her son. Even Samrat Bindusar believes that Ashok’s loss has made Rani Dharma mentally weak. While, Samrat is concerned about her health, others including Helena and Charumitra seem to be enjoying at her expense. They are not just laughing at her but ensuring her condition deteiorates further.

Ashoka Mother Dharma Pallavi Subhash Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Will Samrat Bindusar Know that Ashoka is Alive?

Will Samrat Bindusar Know that His Dharma’s Faith has Substance? Will he know that Ashoka is alive?

Ashoka under any circumstances cannot send any message to Samrat Bindusar. He himself is stucked, besides, he cannot trust anybody at this stage because Kichak’s soldier attacked Magadh’s ship with an intention to kill him. No wonder, this also indicates that someone from the palace is passing out useful information to Kichak and gang. In such a scenario, Ashoka will not take any hance by informing Samrat Bindusar that he is alive and not dead.

colors chakravartin ashoka samrat pics Will Samrat Bindusar Know that Ashoka is Alive?

But then,

How Will Samrat Bindusar Know that his Son is Alive and not Dead

Perhaps, only when Ashoka will reach Takshila, defeat Khichak and win over him, Samrat Bindusar might know that his son is alive and is working towards his promise – The promise to protect the land and its people. However, we secretly hope that Radhagupt’s guptchar inform Radhagupt about Ashok, who inturn inform Samrat Bindusar and also warn him not to disclose the secret to anybody. This way Samrat Bindusar can help Ashoka indirectly.

samrat bindusar sameer dharmadikari Will Samrat Bindusar Know that Ashoka is Alive?


Will Ashoka be successful in passing the information to Samrat BindusarBindusar that he is alive?

Well doesn’t seem so because he is surrounded by enemies all around including Amatya Rakshasa who is in disguise as Bhante. Besides, he has made new enemies in the ship, even the ship owner and his men seem to be against him. Then again we have Kichak’s and Amatya’s loyalists who will not want Ashoka to be alive.

siddharth nigam ashoka colors tv1 Will Samrat Bindusar Know that Ashoka is Alive?

In such a scenario who will pass Ashoka’s information to Samrat Bindusar? Will Ashoka be successful? Seems like only an angel can help the Rajkumar now. Let’s see who the angel will be in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial.

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