Samrat Bindusar will soon crown Ashoka as his successor in the TV serial. Did this happen in reality as well?

In the serial Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, finally, the moment has come where Samrat Bindusar has to declare his successor. In a strange turn of events, both Sushim as well as Ashoka wants to become the next Samrat. While, Sushim’s intention is greed, Ashoka wants to become the Samrat to fulfill Acharya Chanakya’s dream of Akhand Bharat.

In the Precap, Bindusar Declares Ashoka as His Heir!

When Ashoka enters Acharya Chanakya’s room he is reminded of all those things that he did for him. He is filled with gratitude towards him and this is when he is also reminded of Acharya’s promise. Radhagupt enters just then and wants him to stop Bindusar from crowning Sushim as Magadh’s Bhaavi Samrat.

ashoka serial Did Bindusar Announce Ashoka as his Successor?

Ashoka doesn’t feel thst it is right but Radhagupt makes him understand. In the court, Ashoka expresses his wish to become the next Samrat, when Bindusar asks him what he seek as his prize – shocking everybody especially his enemies.

Though Sushim objects and even insults Ashoka, he tells him the real reason why he wants to be the Samrat and serve the people. With nothing left to say, Sushim calls Ashoka a daasi putra. This annoys Samrat Bindusar so much that he slaps Sushim. Next, Bindusar declares Ashoka as his heir. Today, it will be shown that Bindusar will be declared as Samrat’s successor. (or perhaps it can be a dream sequence)


Did Samrat Bindusar Declare Ashoka as his successor in History?

No, he did not. In fact, Samrat Bindusar wanted his first son Sushim to become his heir unless shown in the serial. On the other hand, his Prime Minister and Cabinet of Ministers wanted Ashoka as the Magadh Samrat. It was because of the Ministers help that Ashoka was crowned as the next heir.

chakravartin ashoka samrat throne bindusara Did Bindusar Announce Ashoka as his Successor?

The Crowning of Ashoka

Samrat Bindusar was ill and counting his last days when he expressed his desire to meet Sushim and declare him as his heir. However, Sushim that time wasn’t in Pataliaputra, he was in Taxila. Bindusar had sent Sushim to quash another rebell which he fsiled to supress unlike Ashoka.

ashoka a buddhist or a follower of his own dhamma Did Bindusar Announce Ashoka as his Successor?

This is the time when Samrat Bindusar ordered to call Sushim back and send Ashokato Takshashila. When the Ministers got to know about Samrat’s motive, they in turn made Ashoka ill (just to show Bindusar) and said that Ashoka is so ill that he cannot move out of bed.

The ministers insisted Samrat to make Ashoka the temporary Samrat and assured him that they will make Sushim, the actual heir later when he returns. However, Samrat Bindusar refused. Yes, Bindusar never wanted Ashok to be his heir. However, somehow the ministers managed to put the crown on Ashoka’s head. This is how Ashoka was crowned though Samrat Bindusar never declared him as his successor.

Wonder, what will be shown in the serial next because in reality there was a war of succession where Sushim and the other brothers were killed. Here, we hope, all the hidden realities and facts are out in the open soon. What do you think?

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