Siamak is a traitor – Will the Magadh Samrat know post Nicator’s attack on him?

In Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, the Samrat is under the illusion that Siamak has become quite matured. He thinks he has become calm and composed in spite of so many things happening around him. No wonder, he lost his guru and friend Justin, grandfather Khorasan who turned out to be a traitor, mother Noor whose infidelity towards Magadh became the cause of her death and now even Rajmata Helena who is imprisoned for her treachery.

While, the Samrat has no idea what Siamak is upto, the Rajkumar has some dangerous plans in his mind which Samrat has no idea.

samrat bindusar sameer dharmadikari Will Samrat Know about Siamak ’s Treachery?

Siamak Is Helping Seleucus Nicator

Siamak is the one who helped Seleucus Nicator. He not only aided his entry in the palace but also gave him timely information about the situations in Patliputra. It was he who informed Seleucus about Ashoka’s exit from Magadh which relaxed him completely. No wonder, he knew what a threat Ashoka can be to him and his army.

siamak ashoka serial Will Samrat Know about Siamak ’s Treachery?

Siamak Caught Sushim Too

Sushim got to know about Nicator’s plan at the right time. However, he was caught by Siamak who captured him. Yes,.Sushim is now in captivity of Seleucus Nicator, courtesy, Siamak who followed his elder brother at the right time and helped Seleucus in executing the plan at the right time.

sushim ashoka siamak Will Samrat Know about Siamak ’s Treachery?

Sushim after gaining conscious knows that he is held captive by Seleucus who then states his plan. So, Sushim knows that Seleucus has become a traitor. Now that Siamak is close to Helena, he’ll know the intentions of Siamak too.

Bindusar Is Shocked to See Seleucus Attacking Magadh

Bindusar greeted Seleucus with open arms. He had no idea that Nicator has ulterior motives or he has marched with his army to take his revenge for imprisoning his daughter Helena. However, the truth is Nicator’s prime agenda is Helena’s release and to see Siamak sitting on the Magadh’s throne.

bindusar in ashoka Will Samrat Know about Siamak ’s Treachery?

Nevertheless, Samrat Bindusar will be shocked to hear that the Palace has been attacked and he himself will move out to fight with the soldiers. Yes, he’ll realize Nicator’s plan.

Will Bindusar Know About Siamak’s Treachery?

Not just Helena and Nicator, Siamak too is involved in the brutal crime. However, nobody knows about it. Though Samrat has no idea Sushim is aware that Siamak is with Seleucus Nicator. Will he tell Bindusar his motives? Will Sushim finally know the connection of Siamak and Helena?

khorasan siamak Will Samrat Know about Siamak ’s Treachery?

We just hope that this time at least the connection of Siamak and the Unanis is revealed somehow to somebody. It would be interesting to see the reaction. Besides, now that Sushim knows that Unanis are here to capture everything, he’ll know Siamak is strong as he has the army of both Khorasani and Unanis with him. This makes us wonder whether he will expose Siamak in front of Bindusar or will it be Ashoka.

We wonder if Ashoka comes at the right time to save Patliputra before it is too late. What do you think? Will Ashoka come at the right time? Will he know that his favorite brother is his biggest foe?

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