Samrat is in a fix now – Will he now Know His Mistake of Encouraging Sushim?

Before the leap of Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial, Samrat Bindusar was head over heels for his first son Sushim. No wonder he became victim to his manipulations and started thinking he is nice when in reality he was under an illusion. Sushim was no good boy and it was just a trap for the Samrat planned by all the antagonists within the royal family.

10 years later, Ashoka is in exile but many think that he has died. Sushim is still the same – shameless, ruthless and in considerate. On the other hand, Samrat has become strict and loves nobody. No wonder, the people whom he loved the most are no longer with him.

mohit raina as ashoka Will Samrat Know His Mistake of Encouraging Sushim?

Samrat Is Living a Stagnant Life, Thanks to his Bad Behaviour

Samrat knew everything about Ashoka and his intentions for Magadh. However, still he didn’t try to understand his son. He believed others and punished him badly without listening to him at all. Unfortunately despite trusting him, Samrat failed to understand his son. He didn’t even believe Dharma and thought that both of them betrayed him whereas they were the one who actually ensured that he is safe and sound.

samrat bindusar sameer dharmadikari Will Samrat Know His Mistake of Encouraging Sushim?

He didn’t believe them and the result is he is living a life full of sorrows where he has lost two very important people from his life – one is Ashoka and the other is his favorite wife Dharma.

Subhrasi Too Has Become a Sadhvi

Another good wife of Samrat Bindusar, Rani Subhrasi has become sadhvi. She has left everything and is living a life of a sadhvi. This way Samrat no more has good vibes around him. All he has is Siamak, Sushim, Charumitra and Mahmatya who is not at all interested in his wellbeing. All they want is power and supremacy. In fact, they can do anything to get the power. They will never think twice before killing Samrat.

rani subhrasi Will Samrat Know His Mistake of Encouraging Sushim?

Will Samrat understand that Sushim and Team Betrayed Him?

10 years is enough to understand good and bad. Though Samrat will know Sushim is no good we don’t think so his opinion on Ashoka will change ever because in the end Ashoka’s aggression was something to watch for. It is still unknown how will Samrat know about Sushim and others’ betrayal until of course Ashoka comes and proves his loyalty and honesty.

sushim charumitra Will Samrat Know His Mistake of Encouraging Sushim?

Meanwhile, we still wonder how and when will Samrat know ABOUT Siamak’s truth that he is not his son. We just hope it comes out soon and so that Samrat realize what a dumb creature he had been so far despite being a strong ruler.

What do you think – What will happen next?

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