Samuel Burris who was an African-American conductor convicted of his assistance in freeing the slaves from their servility is vindicated after 168 years.

This is not the story of a hero, of whom we have in plenty on celluloid, that I am penning now; not the made-up life story of a politician some of whom are hailed as statesmen. This story, which is fresh from the oven, is about the attitudinal change of a great nation which reverences law as much as, if not more than, god and where implementation of law is considered stricter than in any other country in the world. The nation I am referring to is The United States of America which is sabse aage (ahead of all) on many fronts. This is about the radical change in the social consciousness of the nation and its people that it has undergone over the years without breaking law. I foresaw this change coming in USA in 2006 itself when I was residing in Bridgewater city of New Jersey, that is years earlier to the present incumbent of White House.

samuel burris Governance In The Right Way

The historic event occurred on 2nd November, 2015 in a room in the Old State House where the Governor of Delaware overturned a decision handed down exactly 168 years ago on November 2, 1847 at the very same place on an African-American Underground Railway conductor, by the name Samuel Burris, who was harshly convicted for abetting his fellow African-American slaves to escape to freedom. The Governor’s posthumous pardon contained the following words: “This pardon is an extraordinary act in recognition of a historic wrong that can not be corrected by a single stroke of a pen. But while we can not change what was done more than 150 years ago, we can ensure that Mr. Burris’ legacy is appropriately recognized and celebrated. We affirm today that history will no longer record his actions as criminal, but rather as acts of freedom and bravery in the face of injustice.”

burris pardon Governance In The Right Way

A Delaware historian said on the occasion, “We use the word too loosely now, but this man is a hero. We are recognizing from this point on that we were wrong back then.”

Who says USA does not introspect and self-correct?

By Dr.Sachidanand Das

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