Know the real reasons Why Samyukta Singh – Keith Sequeira’s ex-wife didn’t Participate in Bigg Boss 9 even after being approached by the makers

When Keith Sequeira was tied up with Mandana Karimi in Bigg Boss Double Trouble, the guy really had a tough time dealing with Mandana as well as his gf Rochelle Rao who is also present in the house. If that was not enough there were rumours that Keith’s ex-wife Samyukta Singh too would be brought in the show to add more fuel to the fire. Interestingly, the makers approached Samyukta Singh. However, the model and actress did not show any interest.

Here are the reasons why Keith Squeira’s ex-wife Samyukta Singh didn’t participate in Bigg Boss 9 – Double Trouble:

samyukta singh bb9 Reasons Why Samyukta Singh – Keith’s Ex Wife didn’t Participate in Bigg Boss 9!

Samyukta Singh Started Getting Threatening Calls

Ever since Keith Sequeira has entered the Big Boss 9 house, Samyukta Singh has been constantly receiving threatening calls. These calls come from various numbers and they insist her to agree that she was never married to Keith.

keith sequeira samyukta singh Reasons Why Samyukta Singh – Keith’s Ex Wife didn’t Participate in Bigg Boss 9!

This whole episode is traumatizing her. She has no role in Keith’s life now yet she has been bothered ever since Keith made his entry in the Bigg Boss 9 house along with his current girlfriend Rochelle Rao.

The Callers Told Her that Her Marriage With Keith Sequeira Was Not Legitimate

Once Bigg Boss 9 went on air and news that Samyukta Singh has been approached started circulating, the model and actress started getting nonsense call from an unknown number stating that she has taken some loan from a company named ICMS and had not repaid the funds.

This was shocking because Samyukta has never taken any loan from any company in her entire life. Besides, she had never heard of this unknown company either. Next, she made her uncle answer one of the calls and the caller told her that Samyukta will have to go to the Bandra court, because her marriage with Keith is not legitimate.

samyukta singh keith Reasons Why Samyukta Singh – Keith’s Ex Wife didn’t Participate in Bigg Boss 9!

Now this was quite weird because Samyukta and Keith had both Indian and church wedding on February 2 and 3, 2005 (that’s almost a decade ago). The couple is even divorced now so it was obvious that the caller wanted to threaten Samyukta.

She Blocked the Number Yet the Threatening Continued From Various Numbers asking Her Not to Enter BB9 House

When Samyukta’s family convinced her that these calls are only to trouble her, she blocked the number immediately. However, the calls didn’t stop. Next, she started getting calls from random numbers. Most of the time the callers threatened her not to enter the Bigg Boss house. She told the caller that she will report the entire incident to the Police, but she didn’t go. The reason being her brother-in-law advised her to just block the numbers as it was a case of harassment.

keith sequeira hot wife samyukta singh photos Reasons Why Samyukta Singh – Keith’s Ex Wife didn’t Participate in Bigg Boss 9!

She Is Still Getting Calls from Different Delhi Women from Different Numbers

Samyukta Singh is still getting calls from different Delhi women threatening her not to be a part of Bigg Boss 9. This has turned her world upside down. She is constantly crying these days not because she wants Keith back in her life but because some people are dragging her into her past unnecessarily.

keith sequeira Reasons Why Samyukta Singh – Keith’s Ex Wife didn’t Participate in Bigg Boss 9!

This is what she told a Daily,

“I would really like to go back to my normal life. I am telling you the absolute truth so that I am spared from this uncalled-for trauma! I’m feeling uneasy with all these threats and stuff. And I honestly don’t think Keith Sequeira is a part of it. I am traumatised, not because I see my ex-husband making out with his current girlfriend on national television but because of the non-stop calls and harassment.”

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