Know some childhood events and life story of Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman…

Being a son of Lord Vayu, the baby Maruti (later Hanuman) had tremendous power. What’s more, a certain mistake by Lord Indra made him all the more powerful. No wonder, with all these power in early life, the little Maruti not only became invincible but also very mischievous. 

chotta hanuman Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman: Instances from His Childhood

Here we share five such significant events from Lord Hanuman’s childhood:

When He Covered a Distance of 149,600,000 km to reach Sun from Earth

Amazed by the golden yellowish fruit outside his window, little Maruti decided to gulp the fruit. Being a Vayuputra, flying was natural to him. Immediately, he took his flight to eat the fruit. However, even though he crossed the tree, he couldn’t get the fruit. The reason being, it was sun which baby Maruti mistook as a fruit. Covering a distance of 149,600,000 km baby Maruti reached his destination until he saw Rahu – just a disembodied head.

Young Hanuman and Lord Surya Facts Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman: Instances from His Childhood

When He Survived a Vajra Which Could Kill Anybody Almost Immediately

After seeing the kid around Sun, Rahu immediately complained Lord Indra about Maruti. He immediately rushed at the spot on his airavat. He then attacked the little boy with his Vajra (thunderbolt) so that he could not reach the Sun. Being powerful, Hanuman didn’t die, but fell straight on the earth breaking his jaw (Hanu). This is how he got his name Hanuman. While, even the mightiest couldn’t survive this vajra, Hanuman as a kid could easily sustain its effects.

Hanumaan childhood Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman: Instances from His Childhood

Next, his father Lord Vayu created havoc when he got to know that his son has been hit by a vajra. As a protest, he immediately decided to go in isolation. Soon, the living being started suffocating without any air. The Lords in order to cool Vayu not only revived the baby Hanuman, but also bestowed him with innumerable boons.

He Was a Mischievous Kid and was Cursed By the Sages

Hanuman as a kid was a mischievous child. He would not even spare the meditating sages.  Hanuman would often disturb the sages and even snatch or hide their personal belongings by his power. Eventually, when the sages got fed up of his antics they thought of giving him a mild curse since he was just a kid –“Inspite of having invincible power, you will forget your own prowess, unless somebody else reminds you about it” they cursed him. Later we see Hanuman is reminded of his powers by Jambavantha who encourages him to go in search of Sita.

hanuman searching sita over ocean leap Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman: Instances from His Childhood

Hanuman Raised His Body as an Orbit to Become Lord Surya’s disciple

When Hanuman requested Lord Surya to accept him as his disciple, Lord Surya politely refused, saying that since he is always moving on his chariot, it would be almost impossible for Hanuman to learn from him meritoriously. Hearing this, Hanuman enlarges his body; places one leg on the eastern range, other on the western range, and turning hi face toward the sun, request him again.

surya devta little hanuman Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman: Instances from His Childhood

Contented with Hanuman’s determination, Surya Devta accepts his request of mentoring him. Hanuman then moves backwards so that he keeps facing Surya continuously. This is how he learned from his guru – The Surya Devta.

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