The introduction of Sanskrit in IITs, which are known for their scientific spirit,is bound to slow poison the ‘reasoning faculty’ of the students.

Recently  the Indian Express carried this news.”The HRD Ministry has dispatched an advisory to all Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) to consider the idea of offering the ancient Language Sanskrit as an elective course to their students.

Sources said, the advisory, which was sent Thursday, also requests the IITs to create posts and appoint teachers for the above purpose with the approval of their respective Board of Governors. The letter carries a link to the soft copy of a report submitted by an expert panel, headed by former Chief Election Commissioner N Gopalaswami, in February.

The committee, which had economist and NITI Aayog member Bibek Debroy, PM Narendra Modi’s yoga guru H R Nagendra and UGC chairman Ved Prakash as members, was entrusted with the job of recommending a 10-year road map for promotion of Sanskrit. It had suggested the setting up of Sanskrit cells in all IITs, NITs, IISERs and central universities “in order to facilitate the student of science and technology in Sanskrit literature and inter-disciplinary study of various modern subjects and its corresponding subjects in Sanskrit literature”.

SANSKRIT IIT Will Sanskrit In IITs Militate Against Scientific Spirit?

Now the question that arises in academic circles on hearing this news is ,if Sanskrit is offered as one of the electives, why not offer Tamil and other Indian Languages as well?What is so special about Sanskrit? Is Sanskrit a ‘Language’ only or something else?Let us find it out.

Is Sanskrit really a ‘Language’?

What is a ’Language’ first of all?

  1. 1.       ’language’ is a medium of communication between  ‘people’
  2. 2.       ‘language’ should have words with specific meanings
  3. 3.       ‘language” should be available to all people  willing to learn it.
  4. 4.       ‘language’ should have a people speaking it.

Let us apply these conditions and check whether Sanskrit is a language or not.

  • ’language’ is a medium of communication between a ‘people’—no.Sanskrit is limited to Brahmins and gods only.
  • ‘language’ should have words with specific meanings—questionable and doubtful meanings…
  • ‘language” should be available to all willing people—-not available.
  • ‘language’ should have  people speaking it.—no record of any ‘people’ ever  having spoken Sanskrit  for a period.

So if one is smart enough,he can find out that Sanskrit is not a language as claimed by many.If it is not a ‘language’ then what is it?

Well,Sanskrit is a …..Code !

We hear about COBOL,Java,Fortran,C+ and many computer languages which we can’t speak.Here is a sample of  javascript.





document.write(“<h2>Table of Factorials</h2>”);

for(i = 1, fact = 1; i < 10; i++, fact *= i) {

document.write(i + “! = ” + fact);







Can you make anything out of it? Well,you can’t,because it is not meant for you to make out ! It is a CODE meant to be understood by those who know the Code.It is not a language to be assigned along Tamil or English. In the same lines,Sanskrit is yet another java script not meant for you and me to understand!

So, what in essence is Sanskrit ?

So unlike most of us believe,Sanskrit is not just a ‘language’. Then what is it?It is a powerful pack of tricks used to subjugate subjects, without their conscious consent.It can colonize one’s entire thinking process ,neutralize all sensitivities,reasoning and rule over them slowly.It can confuse the reasoning process by linking myth with facts.It can de-link action with reason much against the spirit of science.

By using a single Sanskrit word ,it can practically misappropriate any thing as its own. Eg.KarnatakaState Road Transport Corporation Bengaluru  has imported  AC Volvo Buses from abroad and given it a name ‘Airavat’ in Sanskrit, which means’ a mythological white elephant of God Indra’. Now instead calling the bus rightfully  as ‘Volvo’ who conceived ,designed and made it, they are claiming a name which has nothing to do with its making.Does it not amount to linking two unconnected items and thereby claiming undue credit !Many such examples can be given. Its,in fact  a disguised tool of imperialism.

sanskrit in iit tweets Will Sanskrit In IITs Militate Against Scientific Spirit?

What values does Sanskrit stand for?

The moment you talk about Sanskrit, the following things pop up in anyone’s mind immediately.

  • Sanskrit is not a normal people’s language.It is projected as a ‘divine language’ understood by Hindu gods only.This means Sanskrit stands for an elite section and not available to the common man.
  • Sanskrit is a mysterious language unlike Tamil which has clear roots and credibility in its origin.
  • All Tamil words have clear  and acceptable meanings.There is logic in word formations. Eg. ‘padu’ is sing (verb),’paadal’ is song (noun). But in Sanskrit all words appear to have imaginary roots.Eg.the word’ Sanskrit’ is supposed to mean “nature” by some people ,but Google says ‘ san’ means ‘together ‘,’kr’ means ‘make’ and’ ta’ means  ending.So Sanskrit appears to be a synthesized language .This means it is not a natural language.
  • Sanskrit is a coded language .It was used only for vedic rituals and as  a court language.This means this is like a computer Language which only computers can understand.
  • By using Sanskrit one’s ability to understand something properly is almost denied .Eg. if you say’ justice’ in ‘English’ it means’ justice’ only.It can never mean’ injustice’. But by using the word’ Dharma’ a Sanskrit word as a equivalent word for ‘justice’  , you actually you mean’ injustice ‘because Dharma is caste based sentence.This  in fact is injustice.So by using Sanskrit words one’s ability to understand/reasoning can be stripped away without his knowledge.That is why the usage of Sanskrit has subdued many cultures and people over a period of time.Another good example is the adoption of’ vulgar’ Sanskrit names as acceptable ‘good’ names.
  • Sanskrit is a mythological language.So just by using one word you are unnecessarily connected to some myth. Eg .we imported Suzuki car engine from Japan  but we named it as ‘Maruti’ which is a mythological character, not connected in any way with the modern car technology.So through mythological names, unwanted ideas ,concepts,injustice etc may be made acceptable to the masses.So Sanskrit is actually a tool for mass management  .

Sanskrit a language not spoken in India for thousand years is being considered to be taught in higher institutions of learning  Will Sanskrit In IITs Militate Against Scientific Spirit?

So the introduction of Sanskrit in IITs, which are known for their scientific spirit,is bound to slow poison the ‘reasoning faculty’ of the students, in due course of time. So smart IITians should wake up to this fact and avoid choosing Sanskrit as an elective.

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