Review of the show Saraswatichandra. Read on to find out about the problems and tension that ensue after Gumaan leaves the house and how Kusum is thrown out subsequently.

Gumaan threatens to leave the house. Kumud and Kusum are in a total mode of being self-sacrificing. Kumud says that as a mother, Gumaan shouldn’t need to leave her sons’ house. Kusum pipes up saying that she the one who will leave because though she loves Danny to death, no one can love a son more than the mother. Danny tries to make her stay but Kusum says that there is no way she’ll make him choose between his mom and her. Danny tries to make Kumud intervene, but Kumud agrees with Kusum also offering the platitude that as a wife, Danny’s happiness is Kusum’s duty – a duty which she needs to execute; sometimes from close quarters and sometimes from a distance.

At the Desais’ the family is worrying but Kanika’s decision to spoil things further is getting stronger.

Capture Saraswatichandra: Kusum Is Thrown Out Of Danny’s House

Danny tries to stop Kusum from packing and leaving, all the while begging his mother to stop her – but Gumaan says that it is either Kusum or herself in the house. With some more melodramatic exchanges (this time with her sister, Kumud), Kusum leaves – with Kumud promising to convince Gumaan and bring Kusum back soon. After Kusum leaves, Gumaan exchanges tough looks with both her sons.

The Desais’ worry is interrupted by Kabir – with an order for the consignment and a question as to why everyone is so worried. They confess the worry is about Kusum and admit that this time Gumaan is not wrong at all.

While Danny is wallowing in his grief, Gumaan comes and informs him that she has corrected his mistake – she’s spoken to the lawyers to get the divorce papers ready. Danny is shocked and demands to know what makes her think he’ll leave Kusum. There is an exchange in which Gumaan insists that Kusum is only using him and he is equally adamant that he loves her and wants only her. “You weren’t her first choice,” Says Gumaan. “But she was – my first and only choice,” ripostes Danny.

Kumud calls home to inform the Desais’ about the choice given by Gumaan. While the Desais are expressing horror over Gumaan’s behaviour, Kanika is all excited – dil hi dil mein laddoo phoote. Kumud also informs the Desais that Gumaan also went away mysteriously after Kusum left. Kabir’s ears perk up on this.

Gumaan is driving away when she finds Kabir standing in his way. He surmises that Gumaan is driving away; and actually going away because Danny has chosen Kusum over her. He mocks her about accepting defeat and he encourages Gumaan to stay and fight. Gumaan wonders why he relentlessly offers her so much support; this is totally out of proportion for any guilt he could be feeling over being the cause of her husband’s accident and subsequent coma. He agrees that he is not driven by guilt but cannot say what draws him to her. Gumaan – she is a lone ranger, this one; and a very prickly one at that because she is constantly in the offensive defence mode – refuses to accept any sympathy of him.

By Sujata Garimella

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