A review of the show SaraswatiChandra. As Gumaan returns to the show and dynamics of relationships change, watch to find out what turn the show will take.

In SaraswatiChandra, Gumaan is attacked by a gang. Her son Danny, who was passing by, comes to her rescue. Kabir also joins the scuffle and they manage to save her. As they are hurt, they go to Kabir’s place for a quick clean-up and first aid. They discover that Kabir is an artist. There is a moment of attraction between Kabir and Gumaan.  Gumaan insists on taking a cab to Danny’s place.

Kusum and her family had offered to help keep Danny’s marriage to Kusum a secret by making Kusum stay in her paternal home. As Danny is dropping Kusum and they are exchanging sweet nothings, Kusum remembers that her clothes and things are lying in Danny’s bedroom – and Danny has to rush to beat his mom home and hide Kusum’s things.
saraswatichandra1 300x143 Saraswatichandra: Why Can’t A Man Tell His Mother That He is Married?
Saras has had a change of heart about his father by now because he found proof of his father’s attachment for him. Also, he felt that his father had left his mother to marry Gumaan and that had led to Saraswatidevi’s death. Proving this impression false, Saras finds a picture of his father and mother in his father’s wallet. In a puke-inducingly maudlin moment, Saras (who is in the hospital with Kumud) rebels against hospital regulations of keeping distance from patients in the ICU to quickly touch his father’s feet.

So that lose end is tied – now new conflicts need to be introduced – and one new conflict is Danny’s inability to tell his mom about being married. The bhabhi (a family elder) takes off on the fact that Kusum is in the maternal home again. Gumaan finds bangles in Danny’s house. Then a sari – Danny lies that it is Kumud’s sari spinning a tale that there was a short circuit in Saras’ house so he and Kumud had kept their stuff in Danny house.

Wonder what such messaging (an adult cannot inform his parent about loving and marrying someone) is supposed to achieve. It is not as if India doesn’t have enough problems with controlling and interfering elders (Khap panchayats are an extreme symptom of this malaise. One of the worst possible outcomes was in West Bengal when a kangaroo court of “elders” ordered a young girl to be raped for choosing her own mate – and 13 – no less! – 13 men raped her!). When will Indian youth be allowed to become individuals and make their own choices? When will the population mature?

The other conflict is Kabir. He has a model of the Desai (Kumud’s) house with thermocol cut-outs of all of the Desais (Kumud’s family) and Vyas’ (Saras’ family). He seems to be planning to do away with each one as he picks Nandu’s cut-out and throws it away. Saras calls him to thank him for saving Gumaan. Kabir sees Saras’ name on his phone and makes a call to the goondas to come over in five minutes. Then as he is speaking to Saras, he has a fake attack on himself – which has Saras rushing to his rescue. His goal is to get into Kumud’s paternal home, which he achieves with the fake fight – and makes a phone call to someone to inform the person at the other end about his achievement.

 By Sujata Garimella

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