Know some of the interesting & lesser known facts about Sarathi Baba…

The term “baba” and scandal goes hand in hand. Wherever there is “baba” there has to be a scandal or a controversy. No matter which state or place the baba belongs to some day or the other he is exposed thoroughly for his indecent activities. The latest in the radar is Sarathi Baba of Odisha.

sarathi baba Sarathi Baba Scandal: Everything You Wanted to Know

Here are some of the significant details of Sarathi Baba and his Scandal

What is Sarathi Baba Scandal all about?

It is alleged that Sarathi baba spent two days with a 21 year old medical student in a Hyderabad hotel. There are pictures which show Baba wearing jeans and T- shirt. Soon the images went viral and protesters demanded action by protesting outside his ashram. What’s more, the woman who stayed with baba posed as his wife while making an entry in the hotel.

sarathi baba fraud Sarathi Baba Scandal: Everything You Wanted to Know

He is now arrested by Police & booked under various sections of IPC

After a complain was lodged, the baba was grilled for about 14 hours in his asharam at Barimula in Kendrapara district and also in the Cuttack Crime Branch headquarters. Police seized Rs. 2 lakh in cash along with gold and silver from his ashram. He has been booked under various section of the IPC including 341, 120 (B) and 420.

sarathi baba scandal Sarathi Baba Scandal: Everything You Wanted to Know

Sarathi Baba’s Background

48 year old Sarathi Baba’s real name is Santosh Kumar Raula. He along with his parents and three siblings lived in a rented 2 room house in Kendrapara. He is a class 9 dropout and was never a good student. However, he was fascinated by the art of black magic which his father often practiced. His schoolmate said that Raula would often take them to the cremation ground and sit near the ashes for many hours.

sarathi orrisa Sarathi Baba Scandal: Everything You Wanted to Know

He Disappeared Only to Appear after 7 years as Sarathi Baba

In the year 1985 Sarathi baba rather Sanosh Kumar Raula disappeared after a fight. Before disappearing he told the onlookers that one day the whole world be at his feet. He returned back in the year 1992 but not as Santosh Kumar Raula but as Sarathi Baba dressed in white dhoti with matching shawl. He purchased a land in Barimula and in a thatched hut started conducting sermons every Sunday. From sermons, he switched to miracles and his followers grew in thousands.

sarathi baba evolution Sarathi Baba Scandal: Everything You Wanted to Know

From a hut to huge Temple Complex

What was just a small hut is a huge complex today which also has a large temple in it. This is the place where Sarathi baba sits in a decorated throne like seat. Sarathi’s asharam not just give sermons but is also known for making profits by selling products. They sell CDs, talismans, white clothes along with other things.

sarathi baba fraudster baba Sarathi Baba Scandal: Everything You Wanted to Know

Many of His Ex devotee have distanced themselves from Sarathi Baba

A former devotee of Sarathi baba told a reporter that he parted ways with Sarathi baba after the baba started producing Holy ashes, honey surrounded himself with women and even pressurized people to buy village land.

Sarathi baba has been arrested and is now in police custody. Who will be the next?

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